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From Here to Serenity; Health is Simple, Disease is Complicated; Therapeutic Massage of Thailand; Unveiling the Gifts, October 2009

The Shadow Effect, September 2009

Beyond the Horizon; Sedona Vortex Yoga, August 2009

Raw For Life: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of the Raw Food Lifestyle; Cosmic Time, July 2009

The Starfleet Messages; Linking Nutrition to Mental Health; A Woman's Guide to Opening a Man's Heart; Lighten Up! , June 2009

The Little Book on Relationship; The Live Food Factor; Linking Nutrition to Mental Health, May 2009

The Hermetic Code in DNA; Rock to Riches Build Your Business the Rock & Roll Way, April 2009

The $Best Freebies & Bargains and Deals & Steals in San Diego, March 2009

EARTH: The Cure; Leap Before You Look; The Easy Does In Meditation Book and Recovery Flash Cards, February 2009

The Link, January 2009

A Day Without Pain; The Career Clinic: Eight Simple Rules for Finding Work You Love, December 2008

The Green Gardener’s Guide, November 2008

Sacred Living, Sacred Dying; Myrriddin, October 2008

Energy Medicine for Women; Wisdom Rising , September 2008

The Journey from the Center to the Page, August 2008

Sand Play for the Soul; Walking on Eggshells, July 2008

Forbidden Science; Power, Freedom and Grace, June 2008

The 2008 Shift Report; Live the Promise, May 2008

Beyond the Icarus Factor; Serpent of Light, April 2008

Lifeprints ; Think of an Elephant, March 2008

Blue Starr ; Solomon’s Angels, February 2008

Blessing of the Animals; Divine Duality; Beyond the Secret, January 2008

Another Place, Another Time; The Passive Solar House; Natural Home Heating; Don't Drink the Punch; The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind;The Way of the Corporate Shaman; PSIence; The Big Blue Schoolhouse; Sounds Like OM, December 2006

The Desert Pilgrim; The Identity Code: What Do I Do Now?, April 2006

Monday Night Class ; Calendar - Yoga in Every Moment, December 2005

Miriam the Medium, August 2004

Lemuria and Atlantis

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Flowing with Shiva, October 2009

Painting the Sun; We Are One, September 2009

Meeting at the Heart; Che Che Khule, Vol. One, August 2009

Spirit Romance; Songs for Sedona, July 2009

Myths and Legends, June 2009

East Wind; Watching for Rain, May 2009

Siyotanka; Try It On Everything!; The Best of Benedetti & Svoboda, April 2009

Shoom; A Place Called Peace, March 2009

Tempting the Muse, February 2009

Scheherazade; Afterplay, January 2009

Ocean; Buddah Cafe 2, December 2008

Romantic Evening; Journey to Eden, October 2005

Heart of the Circle; Future Memories; Earth Blue, April 2004

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Ambition to Meaning; Pregnant in America: A Nation’s Miscarriage, April 2009


Self Healing At Your Fingertips, April 2008

Youth Without Youth; Amazing Grace; Darfur Now!; Beyond The Gates, December 2007

Man From Earth ; Amazing Grace; Darfur Now!; Beyond The Gates, November 2007

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