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Publishing since 1985 (as The Light Connection), The Life Connection (TLC) is distributed the first of each month, and provides a guide to San Diego County’s resources for improving health, the environment, relationships, and expanding human potential.

We do not represent any one organization or philosophy and believe that diversity of thought strengthens us and allows for greater understanding. We do not necessarily agree with all of the articles published, nor do we think there is any single solution that works for everyone. Ultimately we feel that each of us must decide what is best for ourselves; and that there is power in knowing ourselves.

Ads for the Classified, Calendar and Resource Directory are due the 15th of the month, and Display ads are due the 20th. Call us for a rate sheet, or request a media kit (see below). Yearly subscriptions are $26 sent first-class. To subscribe, send a check with your mailing address to The Life Connection, P.O Box 789, Vista, CA 92085.

For information on advertising, request a media kit from or call 760-631-1177.

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