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Raw For Life: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of the Raw Food Lifestyle; Cosmic Time

Raw For Life: The Ultimate
Encyclopedia of the
Raw Food Lifestyle

Raw For Life is a comprehensive guide of the “Raw Food” lifestyle. This informative two-disc DVD sheds light on the Raw Food philosophy, the wisdom of eating a raw “live” plant based diet, important medical facts , nutritional and spiritual information. It combines the expertise of doctors, wellness experts and nutritionists with testimonials from celebrities, athletes, and chefs including; David Wolfe, Fred Bisci Ph.D., Morgan Spurlock, Tony Robbins, Joel Fuhrman, MD, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Gary Null, Woody Harrelson, Angela Stokes, Brigitte Mars and more.

“Our goal was to create a product that would empower people to take control of their health and happiness. In “ Raw For Life ” you will find everything you need to transition to a healthier raw “live” food diet and vital information about the raw lifestyle,” states filmmakers Alex  and Nicolas Ortner.

The Raw Food lifestyle is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition for its power to heal and rejuvenate, as well as, maintain health at a high energy level. The raw diet mostly consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, sprouts, nuts and seeds. It is a vegan diet (no meat, cheese, eggs or milk), but with one caveat; it is prepared at temperatures less than between 118 degrees Fahrenheit to preserved the natural enzymes, nutrients and the food's life-force energy from the sun. When food is cooked, 50 percent of the protein is lost, 70-80 percent of the vitamins and minerals are lost, and close to 100 percent of the phytonutrients are destroyed.

According to Gabriel Cousens MD, “Eating raw foods provide a youthfulness, happiness and joy and life greatly improves; we can actually activate the youthing gene. So instead of putting dead decaying cooked foods into your body which cause degeneration and aging you are putting in life which creates regeneration of the cells and activates the body's innate healing abilities.”

The Raw for Life DVD features include: 

  • The history of the Raw Food for health lifestyle
  • Information for starting out on a Raw Food Diet
  • The benefits of eating Raw
  • Raw food diet for weight loss
  • Delicious recipes from leading chefs for salads, wraps, entrees, smoothies and more
  • Detox and cleansing information
  • The nutritional and spiritual aspects of eating raw

Raw for Life is narrated by Kirt Tyson. Tyson is a symptom free diabetic who reversed his Type 1 diabetes by incorporating the Raw For Life philosophy.  Kirt guides us through this encyclopedia and introduces us to the experts and segment highlights of the DVD menu. While the DVD is ideal for Vegetarians, Vegans, and Raw Food Vegans looking for new recipes and resources, it is also perfect for someone coping with diabetes, heart disease, or excess weight, those seeking to reverse their aging process, athletes looking to improve their performance and people looking for a healthy way to maintain their weight and image; anyone looking to live longer, be stronger, perform at their best, and get their nutrition on the right track. 

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Cosmic Time

Is your life in flux? Of course it is. We're living in a time of massive change, a time visionary author Allison Rae refers to as “the magical twilight between world ages.”

We've all observed that life runs in cycles, both natural and man-made. As natural cycles go, the interplay of light and dark define our day; the moon's orbit around the earth sets up our lunar month; and the earth's revolution around the sun marks out our year.

But of course it doesn't stop there. The Precession of the Equinoxes goes on for 26,000 years.

Looking ahead, wondering about 2012? Don't be disappointed if the changes prophesied take decades, centuries even, to complete. As Allison says, “Rather than a single point in time, 2012 refers to this whole transition period, a time of awakening, transformation, alchemy and quantum potential.”

If you find it depressing that the ‘powers that be' continue to resist change… if you're worried about WWIII… if you've lost hope for humanity… Cosmic Time offers hope. As Allison reminds us, “Learning to trust is key.” Easier said than done, of course, but it helps if you can see the big picture. The Mayan Calendar, she points out, shows evidence of a consciousness acceleration factor: a shift that once took 394 years will require just 20 days.

“At the turning of the ages, the cycles are aligned for humanity to make a quantum evolutionary leap.” Whooo, I like that.

Cosmic Time is for the reader with a concern for the future and an appreciation for poetic practicality. Beautifully written, this big-picture look at our situation here on earth holds up a mirror to turn predicament into opportunity on a grand scale, and then brings it home to suggest steps we can take in our personal lives to better navigate the transition we find ourselves in.


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A Woman's Guide to Opening a Man's Heart

What woman hasn't felt the heartache of failing to connect more deeply with her man? And what man hasn't felt the temptation to shut down in the face of a woman's emotions?

Beginning by inviting us to see how nature and society collude to set it up that way, Kamala offers instructive examples from real life that both women and men can relate to. She breaks the problem down into easily digestible, bite-size chunks, then shines a light into the darkness of self-delusion to make it clear that it originates not in the other person, but in ourselves.

Beginning with the premise that a man can feel safe enough to relax his defenses with a woman who has learned to fully accept and love the dark parts of herself, the book offers exercises for attaining greater self-acceptance, asking for what we want in a non-defensive, non-threatening manner, and developing a level of intimacy that takes us far beyond sex.

I particularly appreciated her approach to the discussion of tantra. “Flawless attention to what is, attention that is neither goal-oriented nor performance-based, combined with the mastery of breath, is the gateway to Tantra,” she explains. Later in the book she goes into detailed descriptions of a variety of ways to use the breath to enhance the experience of spiritualized intimate connection.

Though the title suggests a book for women, men will in fact find it equally instructive.

I found A Woman's Guide to Opening a Man's Heart a treasure chest of frank and thoughtful insights into what it takes to create a transformative relationship, offered to the reader in a tone both compassionate and respectful.

Initially it was the title that intrigued me—and as I made my way through the book, fascination turned to love. Kudos to Kamala for creating a masterpiece that mirrors in its tone the compassion and respect advocated in its instructive content.


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Lighten Up!
The Authentic and Fun Way to Lose Your Weight and Your Worries

Are you ready to get into shape? Only if it's fun? Then this is the book for you. Say goodbye to “useless diets, gadgets, and faux scientific cures.” And intestinal cleansing. And obsessing over organics, grass-fed, and free-range.

Loretta understands that trying to slim down isn't for quitters. She tells us from the outset that it's going to require commitment. We're going to have to take action, use common sense, and learn how to regulate our emotions. But that doesn't mean we can't have a good time.

Feeling guilty about a few licks of ice cream or a piece of cake? Forget about it. Eat what you like—just reduce your calorie intake. If, like most of us, you have trouble limiting yourself to small portions, her humorous key to being realistic about portion sizes should help.

But that's only the beginning. One piece of info I picked up was that I would have to sleep more hours than there are in a day to burn enough calories to stay thin. Oh well… guess I'd best wake up and crawl out of bed.

Lighten Up! The message is that you deserve to be free of fanaticism when it comes to food and exercise, but that you do have to pay attention and take control of your life. The book offers good self-assessment tools and a variety of approaches to having fun eating for a thinner body—so there's bound to be something here for you. And me. —Chiwah

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