April 2004 Books

The Path; Summer with the Leprechauns;
Lemuria and Atlantis;
The Art of Spiritual Dreaming

The Path
A Practical Approach to Sorcery

The Path weaves together the Shamanic practices of the Warrior's Way as taught by Carlos Castaneda, and the practical wisdom of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Twelve Step Program to create a totally new spiritual path for the modern-day person with a busy lifestyle. By sharing her own journey into healing, author Esmeralda Arana provides insights into accomplishing a profound transformation on the soul/spirit level by altering perception of the self and one's personal reality. The Path defines for the reader that sorcery is not to be feared, it is simply "the willful manipulation of perception...." Arana elucidates and adapts basic Toltec sorcery practices. She says that by understanding and shifting specific energies that abound in and around us, we can actually effect change on our physical reality and create a life of balance and serenity.

The Path draws from the best of many spiritual disciplines, including those of Gurdjieff, Robert Monroe and Tenzin Rinpoche, resulting in a holistic approach to spiritual evolution that has universal appeal. Techniques described include working with the chakras, lucid dreaming, creating focused intent, and using inner silence to strengthen resolve and establish compassion for our life's journey.

In speaking about The Path, a Practical Approach to Sorcery, Alberto Villoldo, author of Shaman, Healer, Sage, has said, "Esmeralda Arana picks up where Carlos Castaneda leaves off. With a wisdom born from her own healing journey, she takes us into a world most of us have never dreamt of before. A must read for all serious students of shamanism and sorcery."


Summer with the Leprechauns
A True Story

Tanis Helliwell spent a summer in Ireland living in a cottage with a leprechaun. He was there to teach Tanis about the evolution of elementalsthe race to which leprechauns, elves, goblins, gnomes, trolls, fairies and devas belong. In return, he was to learn from Tanis about human evolution.

The elementals urged Tanis to write Summer with the LeprechaunsA True Story. They are seeking to link with and become co-creators with committed human beings who have a desire to assist nature in healing the Earth and also to work together at this time to assist both our evolutions. Elementals exist throughout the world and, being able to travel in space and time, can visit humans wherever we are if we call them. Tanis provides instructions that enable humans to work with elementals.

With the charming style and humor of her Irish heritage, Tanis captures the local color of a small Irish village and its inhabitants while revealing her fascinating relationship with her leprechaun friend. This book shares many of the secrets of the leprechaun realm and reflects their play, sparkle, curiosity, mischievousness, and fun as well as their wisdom and divine purpose.

Summer with the Leprechauns opens a door in the imagination. Whether you take it as fact or fiction, it carries a message of healing and planetary priorities.

Tanis teaches workshops internationally helping others develop their abilities to perceive other realities. She lives in Vancouver , B.C.


Lemuria and Atlantis
Studying the Past to Survive the Future

What was life like in Lemuria and Atlantis? Do you remember? Some say they do. In Lemuria and Atlantis, Andrews quotes a few of them "for additional enrichment and speculation."

But she also goes beyond memory's reaches to combine her own researchin the Azores, the Andes, Central America, the Dordogne Valley in France, and

the Tio Bustillo cave in Spainwith thoroughly documented reports of scholars, scientists, and respected psychics. The upshot is a compelling look into the little-known details regarding these lost lands of our submerged past.

The book offers rich interpretations of exhaustively documented geologic and archaeological evidence. It ex plores artistic remains, advanced technologies, vibrational healing methods, human/animal hybrids, ancient intercontinental interactions, extraterrestrial influences, and the parallels between the last days of Atlantis and disturbing developments in our own time, as well as the possibilities for creating our own Golden Age.

"The trail is not straight and easy," Andrews writes. "To acquire a thorough understanding of Lemuria and Atlantis, one must follow dangerous footpaths with steep drop-offs where there are no railings of proof.... If you are aware and thoughtful, you will be able to travel around obstacles and follow your own path."

Andrews' conclusion is encouraging: "Just as children playing hide and seek will not remain hidden forever, so remnants from long ago continue to reveal themselves." And "...we have the knowledge to create a society free of greed, oppression, hatred, and violence, where differences in religion are unimportant, and teachings and wisdom are in balance."

Intriguing. Not a quick read, but well worth your time.


The Art of Spiritual Dreaming

After a woman's sudden death in a car accident, her daughter meets with her in dreams to know she is alive, well, and happy.

A man meets and works with his spiritual guide in dreams years before he meets him in waking life. In a dream, a woman is given the exact prescription needed for her healing.

Written by the spiritual leader of Eckankar, Harold Klemp, this book gives dozens of stories and techniques for getting help in our lives, and having deep, meaningful experiences that we can remember and understand. Body Mind Spirit magazine has called Klemp, the "leading authority on the spiritual nature of dreams." From ancient times, dreams were heralded as messages from the gods, and soul journeys toreal places. Dreams can be a direct line to the sea of our hidden life, touching every level of our life, says Klemp. "Dream travel will round out your spiritual life. It is one of the most fascinating classes in life's schoolhouse."

The Art of Spiritual Dreaming looks at the eight types of dreams, how to protect yourself in dreams, how to experience the Light and Sound of God, and more. Harold Klemp's sense of humor and practical approach to spirituality have helped many people around the world to find truth in their lives and greater inner freedom, wisdom, and love.

Arielle Ford says, "Harold Klemp's new book is a definitive work. It offers the best tips on interpreting spiritual dreams I've ever read. This book is a knockout!" - Bess McCarty