“Greetings from the Publisher”

March 2004 to October 2009

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Greetings from the Publisher

What’s Public? Disturbing? A Gift? & SDG&E Fires, October 2009

Death Panels Exist; Debates & Democracy, September 2009

Driving Across Country & Health Care, August 2009

The thing about interesting times. . . . July 2009

Pocket Gophers That Distract us/US, June 2009

Changes, a Slowing Economy? and Curing Swine Flu, May 2009

Our Times, Open Debate and Richard Martin, April 2009

Bridges to Nowhere, Trickling Up & Seeing Black, March 2009

Our Uncommon & Beautiful Common Good, February 2009

The New Year Brings "New" News, January 2009

The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be, December 2008

Endorsements, Voting, Economy & Changes?, November 2008

While Things may not be Clear, They do Appear Transparent, October 2008

Finding an Agreeable Platform to Talk About, September 2008

Manifesting Brings Many Surprises, August 2008

July 4 & Finding What Unites us/US, July 2008

The General Welfare, Gas, and a Vote for Obama, June 2008

Our Fast- Moving World & a few “Important” things, May 2008

Popcorn News & Time for Alternatives, April 2008

Defining Leadership: The Answers Are Within, March 2008

Choosing a Candidate, My Choice, & Looking at the Basics, February 2008

Things New and Not so New—And Serious Fun, January 2008

Keeping the Conversation Alive & Fire Fighting vs. Prevention, December 2007

Fires—Best to Expect the Worst & a Very Real Solution, November 2007

Fossil Fuels and the Rise in Healthcare Costs, October 2007

Longevity; & Doing things right can get overwhelming, September 2007

Defining the Terrorists & What will Protect us/US, August 2007

From SiCKO — Health Care & Health Treatment— to Mariel Hemingway, July 2007

Solutions that aren’t, The Secret, Nimbys, ScareCity, and Abundance, June 2007

A Season of Violence & Nonviolence, May 2007

An agreement place on global warming; and there is something, about the Earth,
April 2007

Stop the Slander of Mother Theresa, Absurd Politics and Good Parenting, March 2007

Shining the Light on New Options and Changing the World in about 18 Seconds, February 2007

Value$ and $ense, and Our Food and Energy Choices, January 2007

Busy Times; Flying Over & Under; Hope for a “New”Reality, December 2006

Informed Voters' Guide in “Transitional” Times, November 2006

Obligations & Transcending That Fundamentalist Thinking, October 2006

Our Growing Awareness of the World Gives Us Clear Direction, September 2006

It’s People Who Come with the Territory, August 2006

July Fourth: What are we part of? What drummer do we march to?, July 2006

Immigration, Our Rights and the Timing of it All, June 2006

Getting to The Truth and Almost Everything Else, May 2006

Sustainability to Earth's Rescue, April 2006

The world's just become too small to ignore anymore, March 2006

The Light Connection: What are we doing here?, February 2006

Our 20th Anniversary: Looking Back & Looking Ahead, January 2006

Another Year & Finding Ways to be Positive, December 2005

Finding Thanksgiving in “Interesting” and Chaotic Times, November 2005

Is this really an ill wind, if it totally blows Bush's cover?, October 2005

Whether it's Food or Peace, the Future is Determined by Our Participation, September 2005

Spreading Democracy and The Spreading Democracy, August 2005

The Underlying Radical Ideas that Unite and Divide us/U.S., July 2005

Diesel Update; & Reactions to Wayne Dyer & Ram Das, June 2005

Steve’s Auto Buying Adventure: It Ought’o Be Easier, May 2005

What’s Being Said, How, What Isn’t Being Said— And the Good New, April 2005

Yes, There’s Some Explaining to Do. But, That Was It?, March 2005

The Election, Donna Frye & Intent — more complicated and simpler all the time, February 2005

There's Hope on the Horizon; We Just Need to get Smarter — and Ethical, January 2005

Bush Wins! What are the odds? Well, 250 million to one, actually, December 2004

Decided or Not, Getting it Right Requires Our Participation, November 2004

Are the Opinion Polls Accurate? Is the Voting Process Safe? Let's Take a Poll, October 2004

All the Why's, Do They Matter, and The Obvious Common Denominator, September 2004

Using ‘Bleep' & Buckminster Fuller to shift from ‘under attack' to opportunity,
August 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 Heats Things Up & Isn’t It Time to Swing into Balance? July 2004

What Comes with the Territory and We Can't Help But Feel It, June 2004

That's us at lifeconnectionmag.com, help wanted & Earth Friendly & not , May 2004

Who Won The Cold War? & Getting a Chance to Redefine Ourselves, April 2004

Role Reversal; & If not Now, just when do we get upset?, March 2004

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