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Planetary Cycles
for January 2010

In January, with Mars retrograde the entire month, one is advised to do research and planning, but not to initiate new projects, launch a new product, open a new business, or begin a new job. The following days are good days in which we may expect positive outcomes with existing projects: January 6-7; 10-12; 20-21 25-28 and 31. The remainder of days are best spent refining and improving or redefining what is already in motion.

ARIES: With the mid-month solar eclipse, your business or career is transforming in ways that you may not have considered before. You are being called to check your present reality to see whether it is actually meeting current needs, or if you are continuing through life in ways that no longer serve you. This month, you will be “re-visioning” your life purpose, along with the quality of your most intimate relationships.”

TAURUS: If ever there was a time for you to have a clear vision for your future this is it! Are you in love with your life or are you just going through the motions? You may be in for a spiritual revolution! There are dreams and aspirations that you have perhaps misplaced or overruled as impossible or impractical along the way that are now reappearing. You have a couple of months to review your standing in life and create a new foundation; if you do this well, your life will transform.

GEMINI: It is hard to imagine that your life is ever really dull as you dance between many interests, but this month you might feel that the rules have changed. Your fun-loving and creative side is challenged as you begin to fathom the ramifications of a deep commitment. You begin to realize how very powerful your thoughts and words are in shaping your current reality. It will serve you well to be evermore present in your company, actions and speech.

CANCER: You will be asking yourself if relationships are ever easy this month as you are called on to reexamine the quality of your interactions. Are you sufficient unto yourself or are you tending to lean on others and they on you? Is your love of home and family enough to sustain your present views of relationship? Allowing healing and transformation in your most intimate relationships will result in an entirely new quality of experience.

LEO: You love to feel proud about your creations, including the work you do, but planetary energies this month call upon you to reexamine your motives to determine whether they are aligned with your soul’s purpose. You may find it challenging to communicate clearly until you allow a deep transformation of purpose to run its full course. If you do your personal work, you emerge with great clarity.

VIRGO: Life is a celebration that we sometimes forget. Your reality check this month is about how seriously you take yourself and what you do in your life. You are encouraged to reevaluate your attitude to money and wealth and to be watchful that your attitudes accord with your own nature and are not borrowed from elsewhere. Let go and have some fun, be creative, enjoy!

LIBRA: Balance is needed more than ever in your domestic situation right now as the eclipsing new moon indicates that area of your life needs reevaluating. It might just be an early spring-cleaning or it might be that you need to reorganize everything about your home and family life to suit you better. The universe is calling upon you to really walk your talk when it comes to fairness.

SCORPIO: In this age of rapid and decreasingly personal communications you sense an urgency to be heard but in ways that reflect your extremely deep nature. On this self-examination hinges much of the course that your life is going to take in the near future, particularly in your career or chosen path in the times ahead. Following the mid-month new moon, you have new creative breakthroughs.

SAGITTARIUS: Money matters are in the forefront of your awareness this month, and you are reminded to use your naturally vision-oriented attributes to peer beyond a “world economy” at standstill or in recession. The greatest opportunities can be perceived from the most dull-appearing situations, if only you allow yourself to see and trust your abilities. Sometimes the rules of life change altogether and you have the means to be the first to notice.

CAPRICORN: Unshakeable in the face of overwhelming odds, you find yourself reinventing much of what you see around you by reexamining what is being revealed to you from within. You might have identified yourself with your chosen path or career only to find that, as the old identities fall away, new interests are catching your attention. The world as we have known it is no more and you can find yourself being drawn more and more into each precious moment as you witness the transformation happening. Sharing deeply with those you love will bring great pleasure.

AQUARIUS: Rarely have you had the chance in your life to look so deeply within and you find many aspects of your own nature being revealed to you. As we enter the Aquarian Age, you sense the possibilities of a new world becoming more tangible. And yet, there are so many aspects of life and engrained attitudes that have to be transformed; this month you examine more deeply the philosophy by which you have lived. Perhaps you will expand your awareness to encompass a much broader scope of possibilities.

PISCES: There are many openings this month to spread your horizons and make contact with more people than you had ever imagined, if you will let yourself. Transformation is in the air and trusting yourself to let go into new possibilities of intimacy will bring you great fulfillment. Remember that your work needs your attention but that it is only one part of your life. This is an enormously creative time for you; dive in!