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Live Your Bliss
• Terry Cole-Whittaker

From the Publisher: Greed, Drywall, Living & Dying

Resilience: Bouncing Back
- Alternative Medicine
• by David Gersten, M.D.

The Great Equalizer
• by Aluna Joy Yaxkin

Planetary Cycles
• by Carola Eastwood

Top 10 Ways to Green for the Holidays
• by Chris Prelitz

Big Love: Secrets from Soulmates Arielle and Brian

News and Events in Southern California

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Planetary Cycles
for December 2009

ARIES: Things you have long wished to say or hear get expressed early this month, bringing about an opening for higher learning experiences or travels in your life. Creative ideas and energy runs very high, and you may enjoy some lively philosophical or spiritual discussions; expressing your truth brings greater rewards that you might have imagined. Forgiving yourself and others for any perceived transgressions is a wonderful way to celebrate the end of a season and the start of a new one. Each new day, begin your life anew.

TAURUS: Financial matters are in the forefront at the start of this month as you realize the rewards from holding a steady focus on your goals. In mid-month you recognize the value of combining efforts with others, particularly friends and family, to reenergize your appreciation and use of shared resources. This is also a great time for you to examine your long-range goals to look for things that remain unfulfilled and that could become a part of your journey. Later in the month, refrain from letting philosophical or life-style differences limit your appreciation of others; instead, notice what is beautiful and glorious in each person.

GEMINI: The full moon in your sign on December 1 puts the spotlight on you and your life-partner, or those in close relationship. Communication flows effortlessly, and projects requiring your creative flair find easy completion. Higher education, travel or philosophical inquiry captures your attention early to mid-month. It is time to stop and review to catch the highest vision for your life. In amazing times, seemingly simple but amazing things are possible. Allow this year to close with gratitude in your heart for all that you have been given.

CANCER: There are mysterious parts of your inner life that become highlighted with the full moon early this month, giving you the impetus to review your priorities and redirect your daily activities and routines. You really enjoy your life when you perceive that you live in a win-win environment; that the services you give to others are reciprocated by their love and appreciation of you. At this time, you may well see yourself adjusting your place within some of your relationships by paying more attention to some and becoming less available to others. In all relationships, be the love that you are.

LEO: It’s not that you have to be the center of attention but you certainly like to be noticed and well-regarded, because it makes you shine brighter and feel a greater sense of fun in life. Early this month, you gain some well-deserved recognition and find yourself in a relaxed and playful mode. Your creativity is running high; go with it! Partners and friends bring much joy, and you are not one to be skimpy with your affection. Later in the month, review your health and fitness goals; they may need some updating, and you will love yourself for becoming healthier.

VIRGO: Your career is highlighted, and positive energy for expansion is flowing for the first time in many moons. Early to mid-month, enjoy the flow of harmonious and productive communications, greater business and more abundant resources. You are not completely out of the woods, as much focus and determination is still needed, but do enjoy the expansion! Later in the month, you choose to get a little more serious over financial expenditures. Try to avoid letting this dampen your mood…it is all just grist for the mill.

LIBRA: Your wish to expand experiences is accented in early December as openings appear for travels or higher learning. Many of your dreams and visions are manifesting now. Even as you would like to sit back and admire your achievements, there is a call to you to reach further, perhaps beyond your personal world and out to the community and world at large. Later in the month, you take a deep look at the effect your presence and manner has on others. Love yourself with all your heart!

SCORPIO: It can be a revelation when calls for assistance are heard and heaven and earth race to your side. Scorpios are the epitome of regeneration; in your journey from self-absorbed scorpion, to watchful eagle to selfless dove, you become more enlightened. Early to mid-month, your career or business is highly satisfying, resources are flowing and partnerships are working harmoniously. Later this month, communications and business systems are up for renewal. Enjoy the transformation.

SAGITTARIUS: The sun and Venus in your sign this month radiate warmth, and the love you hold in your heart will shine through your eyes for those special people in your world. You are filled with enthusiasm for adventure, travel, study and spiritual pursuits, and very happy to be in lively social situations. Later in the month, financial realities spur you to reevaluate your long-term goals and transform your values. Use this time to cultivate gratitude, and learn how to make the best use of your resources to create an intentional future.

CAPRICORN: The full moon sheds light on your daily health, work, and dietary routines, prompting you to make positive changes. Favorable aspects early this month give a boost to your work, business or professional goals, bringing a greater sense of fulfillment, along with more success and financial flow. The mid-month new moon highlights spirituality; set your intention to spend some time in meditation. Give yourself the space to expand your dreams and see what calls for your clear intention in the New Year.

AQUARIUS: Early this month, life can feel delightful as your creative energies are flowing and you are filled with inspiration. Your personal relationships and interactions in the world are more meaningful than ever, and the problems and misunderstandings of the past can most easily be healed, transforming the quality of your interactions. Travel, although difficult in the holiday season, will prove to be highly rewarding, but if you are unable to travel, spend time in spiritual contemplation and renewal.

PISCES: Home is where you heart is and getting back to foundational values serves you well this month. The clearer you are about your intentions, the easier they will manifest in your life. Long-held visions and dreams come to fruition through your efforts and dedication, but, as the seasons change, become open to modifying your long-term goals. Trust that life wants you to have an amazing and fulfilling journey!


Carola Eastwood provides in-depth personal astrology readings that open the doorway to fulfilling your life-purpose. Her office is in San Marcos. 858/259-1590.