Hidden Secrets of
The Lost Symbol Revealed

What if I told you that the real secrets of the universe are contained in the latest book by Dan Brown called The Lost Symbol. Brown has chosen to bring his esoteric message to the public in the form of a mystery novel, but behind the plot, he explains mystical truths that have been previously hidden from the vast majority of people on our planet.

Throughout history, a very few individuals have discovered the real meaning of life, the purpose of humanity and the purpose of our planet. These discoveries have been hidden through the use of secrets, symbols and metaphors. But the time is rapidly approaching where more and more people are learning the secrets and coming into the awareness of the true purpose of our existence.

The New Age on planet Earth has been predicted from the beginning of historical time. A spiritual map outlining the plan for the coming of this New Age is found in the pages of The Lost Symbol. This map will facilitate the transformation to a “new heaven and new earth.”

No individual knows the totality of the plan but by carefully studying the book and armed with basic esoteric knowledge, I can reveal the basic outline. I will reveal more of the plan in my talk on November 17, The Hidden Secrets of The Lost Symbol Revealed. But for now, I can explain some of the foundational material.

You may be skeptical. By what authority does a minister affiliated with a little known spiritual tradition reveal this knowledge? My only answer is I am not coming from the awareness of a relative personality but from the position of a spiritual being who has been allowed to glimpse these secrets. Through years of study, meditation and practice I do have clear insight into the future. These revelations are not unique but available to anyone who will take the time to earnestly study the ageless wisdom of our planet. Besides, the proof will not be verified, until these things come to pass. There are also many others living on the planet who have the same knowledge who are coming forth.

These revelations are done in a question and answer format.

Q- What is this New Age and specifically when is it coming?

The New Age is a label that has been given to an epic or cycle of life that will appear on planet Earth as a result of the transformation of human consciousness. It ushers in a period of planetary peace and good will for all people. It means the end of war and violence on our planet and the true beginning of a global village based on kindness, compassion and deep respect for all life.

The timing of this New Age has been predicted by many different religious traditions. The statement in the Bible, “in the twinkling of an eye”, accurately reflects this coming. There is no date certain. The date of December 23, 2012 has been given by many psychics and prophets, but that date is merely an estimate based upon planetary karmic patterns. No one knows the exact date. It will happen when a critical mass of humans see clearly. Then the transformation will occur instantaneously.

Q-Will there be trials and tribulations, similar to those mentioned in the Book of Revelations?

No. There are always groups that resist inevitable change. They are a small minority who have the ability to create confusion and sometimes violence. The more people understand the true purpose of our transformation, the less pain and suffering will occur leading up to the event. However, the transformation is inevitable and all will be swept up into it. Once the transformation occurs, all people will be lifted up into a new state of consciousness. Those who resisted will forget their resistance and will claim they supported the transformation all the time.

Q- Do we have to understand the symbols, mysteries and riddles contained in The Lost Symbol to prepare ourselves?

No. The symbols and ministries described in the novel are only a map that attempts to describe spiritual territory. The biggest mistake a person can make is to confuse the map with the territory. At the old level of consciousness, people have gone to war over maps and even today millions are defending their maps as literal truth. All spiritual traditions have wisdom and truth contained within them. All awakened followers realize these truths are hidden behind the literal translations. The Lost Symbol provides one of many true maps.

Q-What is the role of the United States of America in this process. The Founding Fathers of this great nation were very religious people but they were not Christian in the orthodox sense. Many were Deists. They believed God originally set the universe into motion according to universal spiritual laws. God will not intervene in history but does provide spiritual inspiration to those who are ready to use these laws in order to bring lasting peace to our planet. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as well as others discovered these spiritual laws and knew they needed to be hidden for the future. That future is now. The United States today has the opportunity to be a wayshower of planetary peace.

The universe has eagerly waited for the revelation by the sons and daughters of God. That revelation is upon us. Learn more about the details in my upcoming talk. A booklet explaining the details will also be available at our Spiritual Center beginning Sunday, November 1, 2009.

Q-How can we tell that this information is authentic or if the author is speaking the truth? There are guidelines we can use to ascertain the truth of information and the sincerity of an author. Here are certain areas to consider. Does the writing come from fundamental unity and not duality? Does the author have respect and acceptance for all sentient beings? Does the author claim the truth is universal, available to all people from a variety of spiritual traditions and not exclusive to unique revelation? Is the information inclusive rather than exclusive? Does the information build people up and refuse to tear people down? Does the information come from love and compassion rather than separation and judgment?

About the Author: Tom Sannar is the co-spiritual leader of One Heart-One Mind Center for Spiritual Living at 10225 Barnes Canyon Rd, Suite A-102, San Diego, 92121 where he delivers a spiritual lesson each Sunday at 10 am. He is an ex trial attorney and received his D.D. degree in 1998. He can be reached at [email protected]

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