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Planetary Cycles
for May 2012

Message from the stars

In this remarkable time of unprecedented changes and exponential growth, a massive global awakening is underway; one that promises to deliver us into a time of greater joy, creativity, and abundance. Legions of souls have arrived at just this juncture in humanity’s evolution to hold the matrix for our new awareness, and they are being called forth now to share their wisdom and gifts with the world. In the coming few years, we will see the emergence of a new kind of leader; those who lead with wisdom and inspired intention. These souls are rapidly mastering the art of living on Planet Earth; being Spirit, yet expressing through human form. If you hear the whispering of your Higher Self calling you into action now, trust it, follow it, for your contribution is long-awaited.

Taurus Sun brings fertile energy, inspires new creation

The sun entered the rich, fertile sign of Taurus on April 19, bringing practical and productive energy for use in establishing new activities, relationships, or projects. While the sun is in Taurus, we naturally move to “ground” and actualize the inspirations generated in the previous sign, Aries. On April 21, we had a new moon in Taurus, planting fertile seeds for a fresh field of experiences over the following four weeks. As we enter the month of May, we are still basking in the rays of a highly creative and energized grand triangle with the sun, Pluto and Mars, bringing our new pathway to light, energizing it, and prompting us to lay the foundation for new direction and inspired actions.

New field of possibilities opens, action must be taken

On May 5, we have a full moon in Scorpio illuminating the field of possibilities before us and demonstrating what can be created with alignment to high inspiration and positive actions. At the same time, a tense aspect with Mars, the planet of action, arrives at a crisis point indicating that whatever choices or changes we may have been contemplating must now be put into motion. While it may take some time to implement a new direction, an awareness point is reached in the first week of May and a commitment must be made. Interacting with the planet of healing, Chiron, and mystical Neptune, for this new direction to be successful, it must be rooted in divine inspiration and connected to our deepest soul truth. A good way to identify that, is to ask yourself, “Does this make my heart sing?”

Mid-May’s energies offer empowered choices & new inspirations

Fortunately, from May 5-20, beneficial Jupiter joins the suns’ transit through Taurus, increasing our impact and empowering our new choices and actions with high inspiration. Since January and through most of April, Jupiter and Pluto have been aligned so favorably that we have been touched and inspired by that quality of Spirit that emanates from divine, unconditional love. Joined in a huge grand triangle since early March, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto have been working under the surface to root out anything in our lives that is no loner aligned with our purpose. While it may have seemed that not much was emerging into action and taking shape in form, this deep, inner work has been quietly healing, transforming, releasing all residue of old choices rooted in fear, while making way for a new dawn of awareness and fresh inspiration.

Mercury soars to provide good connections
and communication

The planet of communication, Mercury, dances happily in favorable aspects all month, inspiring a new quality of connections, bringing people together, and supporting opportunities to fruition. From May 1-8, Mercury bestows the planet of love, Venus, currently under strict disciple of the taskmaster, Saturn’s guiding light, with a lighthearted perspective and positive expectation. Mercury forms a grand triangle with the planet of action, Mars and the powerhouse, Pluto to promote highly creative and effective action from May 8-18, then moves on to trine Jupiter from May 17-24, where it provides a ripe field for inspiring and convincing communication. Joining the sun in Gemini on May 24, Mercury carries the light of new changes and exciting new directions throughout the month.

Under positive aspects, our relationships
and money undergo review

Now let’s look at the planet of love, beauty, money and art, Venus. Currently in quizzical Gemini, Venus forms a very stable aspect with the planet of karma and responsibilities, Saturn, now in Libra. Currently in its last few months of a more than 2-year- long journey through Libra, Saturn brings us lessons about love and money and also helps us to structure our relationships and financial affairs in the most beneficial way. Venus in Gemini attracts the friendships, experiences and connections that bring the highest mutual benefit. Continuing all month, this favorable aspect blesses our lives with extraordinary experiences and connections. However, on May 15, Venus turns retrograde, (apparent backwards motion) and begins surfacing patterns or issues from the past that need more work or higher refinement. Once every two years, Venus makes this inner exploration for a period of six weeks. While Venus retrograde it is not a good time to sign new contracts, make new major purchases, or start new love relationships, the process is intended to give us pause to reflect upon the quality of our love relationships and finances, and make needed amendments.

Powerful eclipse sheds light on our style of relating

On May 20, the sun leaves Taurus and enters the highly communicative and associative sign of the twins, Gemini, where it brings a more lighthearted note while increasing our desire for social interactions. You may notice activities, meetings, travel, and interests picking up speed during the remainder of May. On the same day, however, we also have a solar eclipse in Gemini. Occurring in sets of two or three, usually twice per year, eclipses bring heightened awareness and more substantial changes into our lives. The May 20 eclipse at the beginning of Gemini highlights past patterns of interaction and communicating, revealing them in the light of heightened spiritual awareness and showing us what requires change in our way of interacting with others. Hidden patterns or unrealistic expectations are brought to light. Granting yourself some time of honest introspection will reveal the clarity needed to move forward with grace and true satisfaction.

“Best Days” for May 2012

The following dates are given as general suggestions, useful in planning work, career, or business activities. For individualized guidance on your own important choices, please consult a professional astrologer.

During the first two weeks of May, we have one stellar, and several excellent days to launch a new endeavor, start a new business, introduce a new product or service, or begin a new job: May 1 is the stellar day, and another great one is May 8. Days for getting things off to a really good start and enjoying a great outcome are, May 3, 11, and 12.

Venus turns retrograde on May 15, which doesn’t preclude activities from having a positive outcome, but does caution against signing new contracts. These dates are great for reviewing past relationships and agreements, up-leveling your relationships, as well as your financial planning and self-care rituals: May 16–19, May 24, and May 26–31. It is best to wait to sign new contracts, introduce a new product or service, or launch new business offerings until after late June; however, if you must do so in the last two weeks of May, choose: May 24, or the 26–31.


Sun Signs for May 2012

Aries: As you emerge from a time of reflection upon the course of your life’s work, you find yourself faced with important decisions that must be made early this month. Inner clarity is necessary as the decisions you make now will determine your future outcomes for at least two years. The May 5 full moon reveals financial and partnership realities that must be taken into consideration as you move forward. Your life partner, friends and relatives offer willing and creative support as you continue to push the envelope of success in your work or business.

Taurus: Early May finds you in a quandary about your future, as financial challenges put a strain on partnerships and call for extraordinary reserves of patience and faith. You may find it difficult to see a way through a current dilemma, but assistance arrives when you surrender to the divine light of your Higher Self. The full moon on May 5 highlights your sun sign, bringing greater awareness of the blessings and miracles that can occur when you let go and trust. New health routines are necessary to support future growth and prosperity.

Gemini: The full moon of May 5 illuminates your quintessential life challenge: the need to develop discipline and greater focus upon tasks at hand. Your work seems to be taking every ounce of attention you have, straining personal relationships and perhaps leading to outbursts of frustration, yet the seeds of transformation spring from these challenges. If you will allow yourself to receive, friends and lovers bring light relief and genuine support. The solar eclipse in your sign on May 20 signals a powerful inner change of perspective; a complete break from the norm that gives you great insight and inspiration to continue on your path.

Cancer: Early May finds you facing lifestyle challenges that call for changes in your daily living routines, including diet, exercise and work habits. Clear communication with your life-partner, or people with whom you share living, paves the way for graceful transformation. You have been questioning your beliefs, becoming aware of alternative ways of seeing the world, and searching for ways to find more meaning in your work. The May 5 full moon guides you to the people or groups that can be of the most assistance in your quest.

Leo: The May 5 full moon illuminates your home life and energizes your career or business. Positive changes in your living environment and new lifestyle choices have energized you; the challenges now you face now are designed to bring awareness to your philosophical beliefs. Your way of viewing life and your core beliefs are transforming; go with it, the changes are friendly! Financial pressure continues only to the extent that you avoid making essential value changes; once you allow the transformation, money flows with greater ease. New and exciting future plans and goals are part of your adventure this month.

Virgo: Mars spends a little more than six months in your sign this year, holding you accountable for every career choice and business decision you make, plus throwing into question your entire path. The full moon in early May brings pending decisions to a crisis point, indicating you simply must choose which direction to pursue. Partners may not agree, your home life may be challenged, yet, you must be true to yourself if you are to experience satisfaction in life. The May 20 solar eclipse highlights your work life, inviting you to implement those changes you know must be made; following your truth will bring empowerment to your life-path.

Libra: Your financial life is highlighted by the May 5 full moon, and mutual resources or revenue from fortunate investments may be called upon to help you transform your home life. If your work life or career has been a bit stagnant lately, that is the universe’s way of calling you into a new endeavor, the details of which shall become clear in the near future. For now, it is important to clean up your health and dietary routines; you will need all of your energy available for the coming summer’s activities. The May 20 solar eclipse, along with Venus’s retrograde motion, throws your spiritual beliefs into question; deep inquiry will result in greater clarity.

Scorpio: A long review of your future plans and goals is nearing completion and the May 5 full moon brings a breakthrough realization. You become more aware of the spiritual dimensions of your work and experience transformation of patterns, which brings clarity to your new plans and directions. Love relationships or partnerships are highlighted by the full moon, and empowered with good communication to grow in healthy ways. Mid month brings a review of mutual resources, and may include delving into some psychological inquiry about values. The May 20 solar eclipse suggests changes are coming ranging from deeper, inner changes, to changes in financial decisions and investments.

Sagittarius: The May 5 full moon brings spiritual inspiration and sheds light on daily work habits and dietary patterns, potentially bringing you into greater balance. The months’ long review of your career or business goals nears completion as it comes to an acute decision point in early May. You are infused with inspiration to make long-needed changes in your work life, which will free you to pursue your new quest. The solar eclipse on May 20 brings awareness to your intimate relationships and Venus’ retrograde increases your attention on love partners and the quality of interaction you create.

Capricorn: Since late January, you have been reviewing your values, integrity and spiritual beliefs, and that inquiry comes to a point of realization at the May 5 full moon. You may decide to make some rather significant changes in lifestyle and will most likely be inspired to work on your diet and exercise routines. You are also working in quite harmonious ways with the people around you and benefiting from having good friends in your life. While still tender and in need of much energy, the desired transformation in your work direction is taking root. You realize what you must discard and what you must develop in order to grow.

Aquarius: The May 5 full moon highlights transformation in your business or career, and changes in your home life. Even when appearances don’t match, the feeling is one of expansion and growth in this process. You are moving into a new life-direction, albeit progress is slow right now. To be truly successful in your next creation, work now on getting your values and your vision aligned. Recent changes in mutually held finances or investments precipitates a deep look at your inner motivations as well as your future plans. Getting clear and communicating your intuitive knowing will guide you on your next adventure.

Pisces: You have had some powerful medicine lately with mystical Neptune and healing Chiron in your sign, and you have needed it because your love life or partnership has been undergoing quite a bit of questioning and review. You may feel a bit torn between an emerging career or business direction, and the dynamics of your partnership; seeking help with this will bring you the reflection you need. Create some “new rules” in your most intimate relationships and support them to grow so they become more mutually beneficial and empowering.