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Planetary Cycles
for May 2010

The sun in Taurus typically brings
our visions into manifestation

The sun entered the sign of the bull, Taurus, on April 19. A powerful, stubborn, yet receptive earth sign, Taurus brings the practical quality needed to contain and direct the fiery energy that Aries releases at the Spring Equinox. While Aries ignites new impulses, visions, and inspirations, Taurus provides the knowledge and resources to put the new ideas into motion. The fixed, feminine, earth sign of Taurus has the persistence needed to bring thoughts and ideas into practical expression in the material world.

Full Moon expanded imagination
is subjected to Mercury’s review

On April 28, we had a full moon in Scorpio, opposite the sun in Taurus, which expanded our imagination, inspiring us to create something new in our lives, perhaps something we have been envisioning for some time. However, much as we may feel early this month like forging right ahead with new plans, Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograde since April 17, asks us to slow down, be clear in our vision, make necessary corrections, and complete old business until May 11 when it resumes forward motion. Once Mercury is direct, the needed energy will be available to move forward with our new plans and goals.

New creation ignited at May 13 new moon

If, in the first ten days of May, we will focus some time and energy on completing a clean out of unnecessary clutter and extraneous activities, we will be using this energy well. This frees us to have energy available for new creations. We have a new moon in Taurus on May 13 that plants the seeds for those new creations and the next four weeks of activity. If our goal is to create with clarity, there is much planetary activity to assist, and the new moon highlights several possibilities for using these energies to our highest benefit: Saturn, from its place in Virgo, adds stability, concentration, and a good eye for important details; Venus, Neptune and Mars bring enlightened vision, beauty, artistry, and high attraction to our creations; Mercury and Pluto bring empowerment, backing from leaders, and a success cycle for transformational products and services.

Compelling breakthrough insights require great focus

We may be filled with new ideas and innovative approaches as the planets Jupiter and Uranus join forces in mystical, creative Pisces. While these new, breakthrough insights and inspirations are compelling; practical Saturn holds the boundaries that will contain creations that are truly useful and applicable, with consideration to our time and resources availability. On May 18, the planet of love and money, Venus, is challenged to maintain focus and clarity of expression. Be careful to avoid dissipating resources, or spreading yourself too thin during the third week of May, and don’t be thrown off course if you have some unexpected expenditures. Maintaining focus on the big picture and your action steps is important now!

Sun in Gemini and full moon
brings creativity and opportunities

Our visions for growth and expansion must include making fundamental changes that can be applied practically. In the third week of May, just as the sun is entering Gemini, opportunities may present themselves, and the resources made available to launch your dream project, or make the changes you have decided upon. Do not create haphazardly; stay focused, “systems check”, then go with enthusiasm. Be practical, but creative! On May 27, we have a full moon in Sagittarius, opposite the sun in Gemini, which highlights excellent communications, creative flow, and empowerment. The sun in Gemini brings a sense of playfulness, lightness, and connections; nurturing your love relationships and friendships during this time will bring great inner satisfaction.

“Best Days”

Although every day is full of opportunities, some days are more conducive to beginning or advancing our endeavors.

The following days, although very poor for starting brand new projects, are good days in which we may expect positive outcomes with existing projects: May 3 and May 5-8, May 12-13, After a three-week period of review that ends May 12, our brand new projects are ready to move forward, and will have the best results if initiated on the following dates: May 17 and 24. Once initiated, the very best day to advance existing projects and/or sign legal agreements is: May 26. The remainder of days in May are best spent visioning, refining and improving, or redefining what is already in motion.


ARIES: This is the month of your big stretch within your year of the big leap! For many months, you have been systematically building for your future work, business or career, and now is your time to realize some of your achievements. The new moon in May 13 sets the tone of financial increase and strong performance. As you contemplate making greater commitments, make sure first that you have tied up all loose ends, completed the necessary, and released the unnecessary, so you step into your next expansion with no baggage.

TAURUS: The May 13 new moon in your sign brings some light relief from the many pressures you have been dealing with recently as new opportunities present themselves. As you get geared up for the coming many months of concentration on important projects, give yourself some time early this month to consider your vision for the future. Now is the time to refine your goals, making changes where necessary, so you enter this time of new creation with a sense of greater clarity and purpose.

GEMINI: Before you charge forward with the new vision that has been gaining power in your imagination, use the energies this month to refine and perhaps redefine your aims. To achieve any dream, the purpose for it must be clear in your heart. Following the May 13 new moon, go deep inside to contemplate and meditate upon the creation that will bring you the greatest fulfillment. Your vision can become crystal clear now, and when it does, you will be empowered to move forward.

CANCER: Your home life and career life have been morphing for a few months, and it has been unclear what your next step may be. Following the new moon in Taurus on May 13, the catalyst arrives to spring you into action. A deep review of some of your most cherished, or long-held beliefs has now yielded new understanding, leading to your making a “course correction” in your life. You are supported by partners and through group associations to take the leap!

LEO: After last winters’ many moons of financial ups and downs, you emerge this spring with a great resolve to refine your investments and/or make better use of existing resources. You arrive at greater clarity mid-month in the practical steps required to make those refinements. Once you put those new plans into motion, you are energized and supported to make lasting and successful changes, releasing energy in your business, work or career for new creation.

VIRGO: Before you make important new financial decisions, some past energy in existing relationships must be cleared up. Go back to discussions with partners with a renewed resolve to come to a mutually beneficial agreement on how you should proceed. Significant spiritual openings and breakthroughs are on the horizon for you following the May 13 new moon. Rather than simply “plotting your course” mentally, following your highest aspirations and inner spiritual guidance will result in much greater fulfillment.

LIBRA: It seems eminent that the life-style changes you have been contemplating for some time get put in motion now. What is needed is a fresh and inspired vision for the way you go about your daily routines and manage your health and well-being. Releasing the old makes way for the new, allowing you to begin to build upon a stronger foundation. The changes you make now will lead to greater financial well-being, serving you well in the future.

SCORPIO: The May 13 new moon stimulates partnerships, bringing new energy, inspiration and support to projects you have spent months visioning. Tie up any loose ends, get rid of clutter, refine your goals and use resources carefully. When you are focused and clear, inspiration and creativity flow beautifully. You may find yourself in a whirlwind of energy-output as you work tirelessly to bring your vision into reality and link projects and people together.

SAGITTARIUS: Typically, you have too many balls spinning in the air at once, and the universe is asking you to refine your activities. Let go of the outdated, clear your desk and your life of clutter streamline and focus your purpose, and you will experience your desired outcomes. The May 13 new moon calls for you to develop new work and health habits, enabling you to bring your wonderful, inspired visions into manifestation. Financial empowerment comes now and money will flow mid-month, in response to the clarity of your vision and your passion to implement your new ideas.

CAPRICORN: It is time to make the changes to your career and /or home life that you have been considering. Many months of exploration into the validity and usefulness of your philosophy or spiritual belief system has yielded greater clarity with which you now must act. Creative projects get a big green light at the new moon on May 13 and the energy and resources needed to complete your work will be made available.

AQUARIUS: As a fortunate financial flow finds you open to receiving greater abundance mid-month, be prepared to allocate resources wisely. Based on some hard-earned wisdom from past experiences, the May 13 new moon in Taurus bids you to stay grounded and make practical choices now. Romantic relationships can be great fun early in the month, and new choices in your living situation may manifest now with greater ease.

PISCES: Financial changes and challenges in the past winter months have precipitated a deep review of your life and partnerships this spring. With the May 13 new moon comes the impetus to make important changes that will affect the outcome of your future goals. Use the group energy available through any of your churches, clubs or spiritual group associations to help you empower your new creations into being. When your vision is high and clear, miracles occur.