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Planetary Cycles
for June 2012

On May 20, the sun entered the highly communicative and associative sign of the twins, Gemini. A naturally social, mutable, air sign, Gemini is always looking for more information with which to put the puzzle pieces of life together. People with the sun, moon or rising sign in Gemini have an endless curiosity, a great sense of humor, and usually a very active social life, but their great challenge is in knowing how, and where, to focus their energy. With a powerful solar eclipse just following the sun’s entry into Gemini, the winds of change are blowing into all of our lives, but for those with the sun, moon, or rising sign in the early part of Gemini or Sagittarius, the effect will be most profound. Eclipses, however, affect everyone, bringing significant changes into the fabric of our daily lives and challenging us to be more clear in our choices and actions.

Romantic relationships and finances are under review

To fully understand the energies playing out this month, it is helpful to know that the planet of love, beauty, attraction, money, art and relationships, Venus, turned retrograde (apparent backward motion) on May 15 and will continue its retrograde motion until June 27. When a planet is retrograde it brings to the surface for completion past patterns or issues that have not been adequately addressed. Our love relationships undergo scrutiny during this transit, and existing problems are brought to light for healing and resolution. Occurring in Gemini, the Venus retrograde also sheds light on our style of communication and interaction with the world, bringing greater focus to the effect we may be having on others and the quality of our interactions in general.

A rare “Venus Transit” shakes up our world

Once every two years, Venus takes us on this inner journey to review our love life and finances for a period of six weeks. But this year, the Venus retrograde is particularly significant and powerful, as it also forms a “Venus Transit” of the sun, an astronomical event occurring in pairs separated by eight years, which happens in a pattern of every 243 years, separated by gaps of 121 and 105 years, with an effect similar to an eclipse. Another exceptional fact is that this rare Venus Transit happens on June 5, one day after a lunar eclipse. To say that “change is in the wind” would be a vast understatement. While all the usual considerations of Venus retrograde are still quite relevant, for instance, it is not a good time to sign new contracts, make new major purchases, or start a new love relationship, the Venus Transit magnifies the significance many fold. While Venus is retrograde, we reflect deeply upon the current quality of our love relationships and finances, finding completion where necessary, and making needed changes if called for.

Lunar eclipse ignites more changes

As we enter the month of June, we prepare for yet another eclipse—this one a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, opposite the sun in Gemini on June 4. Since the Venus Transit follows the next day, the eclipse effect is exaggerated, meaning that the changes called for in our lives will be highly significant ones, dramatically affecting the quality of our lives. Fortunately, Saturn in Libra has a stabilizing and grounding effect amidst the swirling energies of change. Mars, the planet of action, however, incites disputes or causes disruptions in communications that exacerbates the tension of these remarkable times. The love dance of Venus and Mars looks more like a wrestling match and disputes are likely, anger can flare, and the tendency to rash actions is present. Use meditation and other forms of quiet contemplation to gain perspective and find your clarity before taking action.

New moon & Summer Solstice initiate a new season

On June 19, we have a new moon at the end of Gemini, receiving transcendental light from the inspirational planet Neptune, along with the stabilizing influence of Saturn in Libra, prompting us to get on with the business of making and grounding the changes called for earlier in the month. On June 20, the sun exits Gemini and begins its transit of Cancer, initiated off by the Summer Solstice. A cardinal, water sign, Cancer initiates a new period of activity that is particularly concerned with home, family and issues of security. As we are still in the Venus review, the sun’s foray into Cancer this year gives context to our most current challenges and provides the space for those changes to get enacted.

High spiritual inspiration informs revolutionary times

While planetary aspects at this time continue to be challenging, a few very favorable ones promote more ease and flow. Neptune’s aspect to the sun brings high spiritual inspiration while Venus and Jupiter partner up to promote innovative changes and growth. In the middle of a quite challenging communication aspect, Mars, the planet of action, finally emerges from the “shadow” of its long retrograde in Virgo earlier this year, and is now fully charged to move forward with new endeavors. A supportive aspect from Mercury to Mars makes taking effective action in the last 10 days of June much easier. Revolutionary aspects increase in intensity during the last five days of the month, with several planetary indicators making changes or challenging aspects at the same time and keeping us alert to the changing currents in our culture, our world, and our relationships. Trusting and moving with one’s highest truth becomes essential for success, more now than ever.

“Best Days” for June 2012

The following dates are given as general suggestions, useful in planning work, career, or business activities. For individualized guidance on your own important choices, please consult a professional astrologer.

Because Venus is retrograde most of the month, until June 27, it is best to avoid signing new contracts, introducing a new product or service, launching new business offerings, and beginning new relationships of any kind this month. One exception may be if you had started negotiations prior to mid-May, and are now moving toward completion, however, if possible to delay the actual legal validation of any new relationship or business offering until after June, my advice is to wait.

The following dates are great for revisiting past relationships, reviewing agreements, up-leveling your current relationships, and attending to your financial planning, as well as putting new self-care rituals into action: June 5 and 6, June 12–13 and June 14 after 9:30 am, PST, plus all of June 15, 17, and 20, as well as June 19, but only after 10:45 am. If you want to get things off to a really good start and enjoy a great outcome, begin them on one of the above dates.


Sun Signs for June 2012

Aries: The revolution continues with Uranus in your sign igniting the June 4 lunar eclipse, giving you maximum opportunity to see the necessary upcoming changes, and how to make them. Your style of communicating and relating is up for review, as you get reflections on how your behavior affects others, at times creating unnecessary resistance. A steady and loving partner provides valuable insight and support. While your career or business continues to grow, you are called once again to examine and update your philosophical and spiritual beliefs.

Taurus: Changes in financial realities, catalyzed by new realities in your workplace or business seem to be forcing you to consider a new direction in life. The June 4 lunar eclipse highlights the realizations that help you to see clearly which changes to make and when. Your religious or spiritual beliefs provide the strength and power to keep you motivated and moving forward. Innovative new ideas inspired around the full moon may be planned and cultivated now, but may not materialize until later in the Summer.

Gemini: A lunar eclipse on June 4 brings big changes to your primary relationship or partnerships. Opposing your sun in Gemini, the eclipsed moon in Sagittarius raises questions about the strength and viability of long-standing relationships, shaking up your world a bit and causing you to rethink your life-path. New desires in career or business goals, coupled with shaky ground in your home and family life make this a challenging time for you, but also one filled with future possibilities that are now wide open. Embrace the change, bring relationships into balance, and find what now motivates you.

Cancer: While your work, business or career life continues to revolutionize, your vision for future advancement begins to take shape. The June 4 lunar eclipse shakes up your daily routines, and may bring health concerns to light. Standing back to reconsider many of your life choices will reveal the need to bring your daily patterns of living and caring for your physical well-being into balance with your inner, spiritual beliefs. While family support is important to you, it may be necessary for you to stand your ground with relatives on issues you are passionate about. Fortunately, solid backing from a mate or partner provides the necessary support for you to take a stand and speak your truth.

Leo: The June 4 lunar eclipse ignites your creativity and inspires you to make future plans, but financial realities can squelch some of your enthusiasm. You may be tempted to draw from savings or to overextend yourself in some way; if you choose to do this, be clear that your motivation is aligned with your soul’s purpose, and the necessary resources will be made available. Complete any unfinished business with friends or associates and clear up misunderstandings so you can wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start with future goals.

Virgo: Diligent work over many months to improve your financial condition bears fruit now, widening your choices and inspiring you to set new standards for achievement. However, the lunar eclipse on June 4 shakes up your world a bit, bringing challenges to your home and family life, with partners or working associates, and with your own self-image. Changes are necessary at a deeper level than the mundane, and creative solutions are there just waiting for you to make the leap. This is your time, as no other, to think “outside the box”!

Libra: While the great taskmaster, Saturn has been making a long transit in your sign, you have been called to establish more self-discipline and to be more responsive to the people closest to you. This month may see you taking on yet more responsibility, especially following the June 4 lunar eclipse. Your work or business, while empowering you to establish the quality of life you desire, exacts its toll, and you realize that substantial changes are necessary to keep your boat afloat. Some form of higher education may be helpful for you to successfully make this change.

Scorpio: The June 4 lunar eclipse highlights financial realities, giving you a picture of where you are in achieving your goals, and how much more you may need to do, or to change. Solid and enduring support from the unseen realms, perhaps, “spiritual guides”, empowers you to continue with plans to reorganize certain aspects of your life and to transform others; specifically, your long-term goals, finances, and future plans. This month’s energies call you to clean up past misconceptions and wounds around material resources, which will empower you to more effectively bring your gifts to the world.

Sagittarius: The June 4 lunar eclipse in your sign signals a change of perspective, in part driven by the pressure to resolve current relationship issues. While it may feel that the ground is rapidly shifting under your feet, it’s actually you responding to the call of your higher self, urging you to up-level the quality of your love relationships and business partnerships, as well as to take decisive action on a long-standing career question. Revolutionize how your put your creative energy out to the world, and have the courage to move in new directions, if that happens to be your truth.

Capricorn: Long-standing relationship issues have recently surfaced for healing, requiring you to modify plans and perhaps, change directions all together. The lunar eclipse on June 4 highlights previously hidden feelings or insights that have been clouding your communications and inciting you to question your core beliefs, and these issues must be aired now. With a change of career direction in the wind, you are empowered when you stand in your highest truth, and do the hard work of planning and building for future career success.

Aquarius: The June 4 lunar eclipse highlights your long-term goals and plans, calling into question the underlying values driving your choices. Old, unresolved issues in relationships surface now, and must be fully addressed before you launch creative new projects. As you work through disagreements and resolve differences, mutually held resources are made available for you to use in moving forward. Use innovative new communication methods for taking your career or business to a new level.

Pisces: Relationship and partnership disagreements escalate around the June 4 lunar eclipse, urgently calling for resolution and closure, which needs to happen before you can confidently move forward. Take the time to get very clear on your relationships, to correct any imbalances and to set the record straight in any business disagreements. Your life’s context is changing, and that means change in fundamental ways in your home and family life, love relationships, work or career directions, as well as your own self-image and capacity for self-love.