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Planetary Cycles
for June 2010

Gemini brings delightful social interaction

The sun entered Gemini, the sign of the Twins, on May 21/22. Those of us born with the sun, moon, or rising sign in Gemini connect people, events and knowledge for everyone’s benefit, and they do so with an engaging wit that endears them to all. Gemini’s are intelligent, entertaining people with diverse interests, making them excellent story-tellers, teachers or writers. While the sun is in the mutable air sign of Gemini, activity increases, new friendships are made, our social calendars fill up and exciting new information is shared.

Springtime energies express new changes

New energies begun at the Spring Equinox find full expression in Gemini. Every spring, the astrological New Year begins in March when the sun enters Aries, the sign of new beginnings. The sun progresses to Taurus, where we ground and stabilize our new vision, bringing it into form, and then the sun moves into Gemini, where the new form gets communicated and distributed. During the time the sun transits Gemini, from late May until June 21, we will experience some interesting twists and turns and we may make important, life-changing decisions!

Wide-scale social changes begin to unfold

It seems apparent that we are experiencing remarkable times in our planetary evolution. This June, we enter a transition that will shape the quality of experience on planet Earth for a generation to come. Several unique planetary alignments mark this passage for humanity. Uranus, the planet known for bringing change and revolution on a world-wide scale, entered the sign of Aries. The last time it did this was at the beginning of the Great Depression in America in the late 1920s. This may not be an exact repeat of the past, but we are certainly in for some wide-scale social changes fueled by an unprecedented world-wide financial meltdown. Exactly how our lives will change becomes more apparent as we enter the coming summer months and over the next two years, but for now, be extraordinarily clear about your values and stay true to the wisdom of your Spirit.

Chiron in Pisces calls for a mass awakening of souls

Chiron, the tiny planet with a wide, elliptical 51-year orbit between Saturn and Uranus, just entered Pisces. Chiron symbolizes the human capacity for healing and rejuvenation when higher principles are honored. The last time Chiron was in Pisces was in the early to late 1960s during one of the most remarkable eras in humanity’s evolution in which we had a full-scale social revolution ignited by an unjust war and fueled by the volatile mixture of drugs, spiritual awakening, emerging women’s rights, and sexual freedom. As Chiron again moves into the mystical waters of Pisces, we will experience a deep desire for spiritual awakening. This time the entire world will participate in an unprecedented outpouring of love, healing and peaceful interactions that guide us into the coming Age of Light.

A new season of unprecedented
social change begins

On June 12, we have a new moon in Gemini, starting a new, month-long cycle imbued with inner spiritual longing. The season of big social change is fast approaching and we are encouraged with this new moon to clear any remaining unwanted patterns of thinking and communicating. Goals that uplift our world are being supported energetically by the universal wisdom that guides humanity. We are filled with Light and a high frequency of unconditional love at the same time that much of the world is reeling from unprecedented changes bringing unforeseen challenges. New patterns of being and relating are gestating now within the heart of humanity.

Lunar Eclipse initiates a powerful
turning point for humanity

The sun completes its transit through Gemini, entering the sign of Cancer at the Summer Solstice on June 21. This stimulates a longing for the simple values of love, home and family, but current planetary alignments continually bring our awareness to the billions of brothers and sisters on our planet without adequate food, clean water and other necessities. One of the most powerful planetary indicators of the year occurs with the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on June 26. This eclipse brings the potential for huge changes and profound transformation of consciousness touching all of humanity. With the powerful planetary configurations happening at this time, we collectively enter a point of no return with upcoming global changes; we have reached a “tipping point” after which we must live differently, choose more wisely and humanely, and experience our essential oneness with all of humanity.

“Best Days”

Although every day is full of opportunities, some days are more conducive to beginning or advancing our goals. Brand new projects have the best opportunity for success when initiated on the following dates: June 12 and 14. Other good dates are June 4, 5, 11 and 28. The following days, although not great for starting brand new projects, are good days in which we may expect positive outcomes with existing projects: June 1-3, 7, 17, 18, 21-22 and 29. The rest of the days in June are best spent visioning, refining and improving, or redefining what is already in motion.


ARIES – The June 12 new moon ignites your desire for deeper spiritual fulfillment and connection with soul brothers and sisters. At the same time, the world calls you to fulfill certain career goals. Transforming your business or work life becomes essential with the revolutionary planet Uranus now in your sign. A message from the June 26 eclipse: failing to make essential changes will result in stagnation; empowerment is your keyword this month, take the leap!

TAURUS – New spiritual insight and important realizations fuel a revolution in your way of thinking and communicating. Around the time of the new moon on June 12, slow down and be certain you are clear before acting. The June 26 eclipse calls for a complete transformation of your way of communicating, your beliefs or life-philosophy, and your long-term goals. New goals that are infused with vision and higher purpose have the greatest chance for success.

GEMINI – Expanding possibilities and spiritual enrichment are your keynotes early in the month. To experience greater fulfillment, be very clear in your thoughts and intentional in your communications. In the second week of June, allow yourself to receive the gift of romance, fun and adventure! The late-month eclipse stimulates a completely new perspective, requiring transformation of your goals and direction.

CANCER – The Gemini new moon on June 12 stimulates deep spiritual inquiry, meditation and soul-searching. Your old style of communication may not bring satisfaction; slow down and deeply consider the impact of your thoughts and words before speaking. The lunar eclipse on June 26 encourages big leaps. Expect changes in your work or business, your outlook on life and in your personal relationships.

LEO – The June 12 new moon brings you face-to-face with a change in life-direction. As the energies of our rapidly evolving times impact your current life realities, important insights promote the emergence of new goals. Following the June 26 lunar eclipse, spiritual breakthroughs inspire new realizations. Your daily routines need updating to include an expanded perspective and your experience of love increases in depth and intensity…enjoy!

VIRGO – Following the June 12 new moon, deep spiritual reflection brings new insights for innovative career or business goals. Give yourself time for proper planning before jumping in with both feet and be very clear with your communications. You feel empowered with new energy and enthusiasm, but can lose momentum if you are not centered. The lunar eclipse on June 26 brings full-scale change to your goals, direction, and values, effecting your financial realities and personal relationships.

LIBRA – You begin to appreciate the steps you can make to further your life in ways you have always dreamed of. Your creativity runs high and you realize new possibilities opening, particularly as the new moon in Gemini on June 12 stimulates your spiritual aspirations. Accept that you may need to make significant changes in your close relationships and home life. The lunar eclipse on June 26 gives you an opening to transform your relationships, family, and world values by expressing yourself in more conscious and loving ways.

SCORPIO – Do you realize that your life is always going through transformations of rise and crash, and rise again—and this time higher? The Gemini new moon on June 12 calls for transformation of your long-term goals. Shift the way that you express love into higher and higher vibrations, and, inspired by Spirit, the projects you are working on will be fulfilling. The full moon eclipse on June 26 reveals your need to hold the standard for crystal clear communications and creative self-expression.

SAGITTARIUS – The June 12 new moon highlights your love life. Relationships give you support and reassurance while you reach further and further in your career and extend your capacity for influencing the world. Experiencing and expressing higher frequency, unconditional love gives you the freedom to transform your life, bringing greater financial flow as you follow your higher guidance. The June 26 full moon eclipse brings a new perspective to your long-tem goals; allow yourself to re-write your future!

CAPRICORN – A new moon on June 12 inspires you to create new daily routines that will promote the values you hold dear. Many of your values, particularly relating to money and the meaning of wealth in the world are subject to sweeping changes, so be prepared to transform outdated fixed attitudes. The June 26 full moon eclipse highlights changes in your primary relationships, your home and family life, and your own self-image. Hold your vision in a way that is open yet practical, and celebrate your new life!

AQUARIUS – Your creativity is highlighted by the new moon on June 12, inspiring you to tune in deeply to the voice within your soul and discover new forms of expression. Old patterns of communicating are breaking up and transforming this month; instead of resisting, go with the flow and allow new inspiration to guide you. The full moon eclipse on June 26 calls for changes in your daily routines and rituals, altering your life-style. Make sure you are keeping all channels of communication open as you enter the doorway of new life experiences.

PISCES – The new moon on June 12 inspires changes in your family life as you envision ways of realigning your home, making it the place that is your sanctuary. You long to experience all your relationships in a space of intimacy, creativity, love and peace. Becoming aware of the effect of your thoughts and words upon others will ensure much more fulfilling interactions. The full moon eclipse on June 26 opens the doorway to major transformation around your family and community values, and you are inspired to express yourself in dramatically different ways.