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Planetary Cycles
for July 2012

Summer Solstice provides turning point

We had the Summer Solstice on June 20, when the sun exited Gemini and began its yearly transit of Cancer, initiating a new season that is filled with the promise of growth and change. The summer of 2012 will be remarkable, for many reasons, as we experience an unprecedented influx of Light and up-leveling of consciousness that encourages us to break through old patterns, find our highest truth, and transform our lives. We enter this season following many months of challenges, delays, and a general planetary trend toward “reworking” our career or business, along with the “re-visioning” of our personal love relationships, values, and finances. And as you will find in the following paragraphs, we have not quite entirely emerged from this crucible yet.

Sun in Cancer is not all warm and fuzzy this year

While the sun transits Cancer, we naturally turn our attention to our home, loved ones, and family. We may be inspired to do some home improvement or redecorating, and we tend to spend more of our time in family-related activities or concerns. This year, the suns entrance into Cancer was preceded by a powerful Lunar Eclipse, and included a rare “Venus Transit,” making this season a particularly potent time for revolutionary changes. A cardinal, water sign, Cancer is sensitive, nurturing, and highly domestic. People born with the sun, moon or rising sign in Cancer are particularly aligned toward home and family, and, as such, can be fiercely protective, somewhat private with their feelings, and highly security conscious. “Change” is not Cancer’s favorite word, yet that is the flavor of this season, for everyone.

Shake-up in relationships finds resolution

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, money and values, has just emerged from a six-week retrograde (apparent backward motion) period that lasted from May 15 to June 27, and is now direct, but will take a full month to pick up speed. Most extraordinary during this time was the very rare Venus Transit of the sun in which our values, finances and love relationships were challenged to the core and fundamental changes were ignited. Early this month, our love nature is challenged to transform old patterns, discover and proclaim our truth, and dispel illusions. When Venus resumes its natural motion, picking up speed in mid July, we have very favorable conditions that support love, romance, and financial well-being, as well as inspiring expansive ideas, creativity, innovation and effective communication.

Full Moon illuminates issues and needed changes

On July 3, we have a full moon in Capricorn, opposite the sun in Cancer. Each month the full moon brings to full bloom the issues, concerns, goals and inspirations that were birthed at the previous new moon. This months’ full moon lights the way for us to fully express any and all concerns within our family relationships, and make clear decisions about the changes needed for our relationships to continue to thrive and become more fulfilling. Also occurring, the planet Mars, after a very long trek that began last January with retrograde motion in Virgo, has finally changed signs and just entered Libra. This is a game-changer, considering that this restless planet of action can stir up trouble in relationships, yet it serves to get us actively confronting the old patterns and fears that can keep us stuck in unrewarding patterns.

Mercury retrograde ignites creativity, slows progress

The planet of communication, Mercury, turns retrograde in the highly creative sign of Leo on July 14, which serves to slow down our impulse to rush out and start new projects or relationships, an impulse which will be strong after almost six months of review and revision with Mars, followed by Venus, both retrograde. Creative ideas are flowing so compellingly now that we will have a powerful impulse to rush out to launch something new, but the wisdom of Mercury retrograde suggests we slow down. Lasting until August 7, this retrograde Mercury gives us pause to complete old projects, unfinished communications, and clear our mental

workspace for coming new pursuits. This can also be a great time for future visioning and planning, but wait to implement until later in the summer, and some projects you envision now may be best launched in the Fall.

New moon aligns us with our responsibilities,
but sun in Leo brings fun

A new moon in the last few degrees of Cancer on July 18 finds us confronting the actual, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work energy of the taskmaster Saturn in Libra, prompting us to get on with the cleanup in our businesses, finances, or love life. With all those compelling new ideas and creative impulses swirling around, it may be difficult to focus on the tasks at hand, but his new moon brings sharp focus by presenting deadlines and other structures or requirements that must be filled. The sun completes its transit of Cancer and enters the fun-loving sign of Leo on July 22, which is bound to bring more joy and positive expectations as we move into August. Creative inspiration will be firing on all cylinders toward the end of July, and you will benefit from capturing inspirations in writing for future use. In the midst of all the remarkable changes, challenges and opportunities of early to midsummer, remember to make time for play!

Best Days for July, 2012

The following dates are given as general suggestions, useful in planning work, career, or business activities. For individualized guidance on your own important choices, please consult a professional astrologer.

During the first two weeks of July, there are only a few good days for getting anything new launched: July 3, 5, and 7, of which the 5th is the strongest. The remainder of the month, with Mercury retrograde, is best spent furthering existing goals and doing strategic planning. These dates are great for reviewing past performance, updating your products, or services, furthering ongoing projects, contacting existing clients or accounts, and conducting strategic planning sessions: July 24, 28 and 29 are the strongest, but also good dates are: July 15, 17–20. It is best to wait to launch any new business offerings until after Mercury goes direct August 7.


Sun Signs for July 2012

Aries: The July 3 full moon sheds clarifying light on your business or career, bringing to a head, issues that have long needed addressing, and prompting you to make substantial changes. You do, however, feel inspired; intuitive ideas are flowing, and your creativity is at an all-time high. The need to attend to existing relationship issues is still there, but attuning to your voice of inner wisdom will always guide you to make the right choices and changes.

Taurus: A spiritual awakening of sorts is underway as you fathom the depths of your beliefs and sort out for yourself, what you know to be truth. The July 3 full moon sheds light on this spiritual renewal, calling for you to make changes in the way you communicate and connect yourself with others. Support comes from unseen or unexpected sources and you become inspired with innovative ideas that positively affect your future plans and expectations.

Gemini: Jupiter and Venus are both in your sign this month, expanding your horizons and helping you to attract the new opportunities, friendships and goals that truly inspire you. The July 3 full moon, however, sheds light on your financial situation, calling for some action on your part, to help find a positive solution to what can be seen to be interfering with your future plans. Open and truthful communication will light the way for new plans to get created that easily find support and help you fulfill your goals.

Cancer: The July 3 full moon opposite your sign highlights your love relationships and calls for big transformation in the quality of your interactions. At the same time, big changes are stirring in your career or business, putting pressure on you to implement changes that will require a bit of a leap of faith. Take the time to get your vision clear and come to terms with your own truth, and you will make the decisions that will help you flourish.

Leo: The full moon on July 3 highlights your physical health and daily routines, which apparently are in need of attention, and calling for transformation. Learning to meditate or deepening your spiritual practice will provide the inspiration to carry you forward into a renewal of your sense of well-being. Expansive activities, long-distance travel, new friendships or educational opportunities all contribute to an overall experience of increasing good health and being at deep peace with your life.

Virgo: The balancing act you have been maintaining in your financial picture may feel burdensome, yet perseverance furthers your success. The full moon brings your long-term goals and plans into sharp focus, igniting changes that have been brewing for a long time. Disputes with partners must be resolved before you can move forward, and creative solutions are available, if you will take the high road and find the best possible outcome for all concerned. The answer you seek may seem hidden form you, but will be revealed once you relax and trust your own higher truth.

Libra: Some relationship adjustments are in order this month, especially following the July 3 full moon, when your home and family life is challenged at the same time that much of your focus needs to be on your career. Mars moving into your sign exacerbates the tension, brings issues to a point where they must be clarified, and ignites action. The good news is that these challenges help you to more strongly focus on your goals. While you have so much pressure on you, friends can be an enormous help, as they bring the objectivity and perspective that you may find makes all the difference.

Scorpio: The July 3 full moon brings health and lifestyle issues to the forefront, and needed changes become apparent. Healing energy is available, but many pressing concerns with travel, education, or legal issues have you working overtime, so meditation will be necessary to restore balance. Concerns within important relationships can easily be resolved now, and good communication brings inspired solutions. Business or financial expansion continues to increase your range of opportunities.

Sagittarius: The full moon on July 3 illuminates your financial life, bringing greater awareness to changes with creative projects that you have been needing to make, and catalyzing action to put those changes into motion. Partners, friends and people you know through your social network offer great ideas and make really practical suggestions for you to ensure a smooth transition. Your high spiritual vision lights the way for new creative ideas to take root.

Capricorn: The full moon falls in your sign on July 3, illuminating long-standing issues with partners and catalyzing changes in your home life. It is time for a big, “clearing of the air” in your relationships and with family members, and if you will do some soul searching and find your clarity before expressing your point of view, your great communications skills will help you find better-than-expected solutions. Investing in some soul-searching early this month will serve you well, as the lines of inspiration are wide open.

Aquarius: Communication issues and the need for sincere negotiations become apparent at the July 3 full moon. Changes in your lifestyle are called for as you face health and well-being concerns head-on, and inner contemplation is needed before important decisions are made. As clarity dawns, the resources, inspiration and creative ideas begin flowing again, and you find the equanimity to creatively resolve any current concerns. Partners can be a great resource for you now.

Pisces: With Neptune in your sign, you are able to receive the highest frequencies of love and inspiration, but also tend to get carried away with visions of how life “could be,” without taking the necessary action to ensure your own well-being. The July 3 full moon brings your attention to creative projects and your long-term plans, but decisive action is needed to implement long-contemplated changes. Once you take action, be assured that much creative energy is available, and inspired ideas continue to arrive.

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