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Subtle Energy, Spirituality & Emotional Healing: How Their Synergy Helps Bring in the New Era

Beth Green will be presenting the closing keynote at the California Institute for Human Science conference July 20–22 in San Diego, California. Her topic will be “Subtle Energy, Spirituality & Emotional Healing: How Their Synergy Helps Bring in the New Era.” We asked her to write on the subject for The Life Connection.

Many of us are looking toward a new era, a world shift, which we sense is happening now. What do we mean by the new era, and how can we help bring it to fruition through the synergy of subtle energy, spirituality and emotional healing?

The “New Era” begins at the moment when we collectively shift from ego-based thinking to unity consciousness, when we are ready to see the world from the perspective of the whole, rather than from the perspective of the individual, when we are governed by higher consciousness, rather than by fear and reactivity. Prior to this moment are centuries of pain and futility, which support our willingness to shift, and centuries of vision and inspiration that call us to higher levels of consciousness. Such a shift is needed for planetary survival. But more than that, the shift is required for our true happiness and fulfillment.

The shift to the New Era happens in stages, beginning with visionaries of all kinds, and it moves in waves into and through the collective consciousness. It is not complete until that wave reaches all consciousness throughout the planet, which it does in fits and starts until the shift has more energy than the resistance, at which time, it moves with greater speed and impact.

What is our role? Our job is to become conscious agents of the shift, as opposed to unconscious agents of the ego.

Consciousness is not just ideas. Consciousness is energy, as it expresses through our minds, our emotions and our bodies. And it is not just individual; it is also collective. To become conscious agents of the shift, we surrender our old intentionality, which is focused on our ego-based perceptions, and we allow ourselves to be swept away by a higher energy field, which is greater than ourselves in understanding and force, through which we find the truth of our natures and the power to fulfill our destinies, which is to be agents of the unfolding plan.

This is the big picture. On the microcosmic level, the level of the individual being, or manifestation of the divine, we have our work cut out for us. We need to become emptied of egoic agendas in order to surrender to becoming agents of the divine, and that takes hard work. First, of course, we need spirituality, the new paradigms that will guide our thinking. But it is not enough to change our paradigms, if we are still dominated by fear. And it’s not enough to release negativity on the emotional plane, if we still carry it in our bodies and energy fields, and if we have no tools and processes to live differently and to relate more co-creatively. And it is not enough to change as individuals, if we are not simultaneously creating a collective vortex of change. If we are to support human transformation, we need to shift the collective consciousness on all three levels – the way we think, the way we feel, the way we experience ourselves in the world.

Traditionally, both the esoteric sciences and certain branches of psychology have pointed to the need for changes in our thinking, and in fact those changes are essential. A broader perspective, new concepts and paradigms, a mental understanding of universal principles and laws, reframing our problems and perceptions, all these cognitive shifts can lead to different and more positive choices.

Yet often lurking behind the loftiest minds is the immature ego, born when we are born and ready to protect us at any cost, even if it kills us and one another. The ego is an essential aspect of our psyches. It is the awareness of individual existence, and it is needed as a mechanism to communicate to us important realities, such as, “It’s cold. Put on a sweater.” “It’s late. It’s time to brush your teeth.” “The man with the machine gun is pointing at your heart. It’s a good time to duck, disarm him or pray.”

The ego is necessary, but it needs to grow up and become a part of us and an agent of our higher consciousness rather than attempting to use higher consciousness as an agent of its agendas. Born in infancy, the ego is infantile, and it functions totally in survival mode. As infants, the ego learns how to attract whatever it can of the resources available. It then attempts to attract these resources by creating a compelling reason for us to be supported. And it creates this compelling reason by creating the appearance of an edge, a special value for us, whether that special value is that we are the most clever, the most in need, the most spectacular, the most helpful, the most damaged, the most something that will entitle us to those resources.

We begin these patterns at infancy when we observe the world and attempt to evaluate where to look for our survival. Is it Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandma? Having determined who holds the power to meet our wants and needs, the ego automatically determines how best to appeal to that person or that constellation of people, given our own inherent capacities and the mitigating factors of other egos competing with us in our own universe. A set of patterns is constructed and a personality emerges.

Since ego patterning begins at birth, when we are helpless infants, it is naturally linked directly to survival. To challenge these ego-based patterns requires us, therefore, to confront the fear that without an edge, we will not attract necessary resources and we will not survive. As a result, our visceral, unconscious reaction is that our very existence feels threatened every time we try to change an old ego-based pattern. And so to free ourselves from the domination of ego, we must confront and successfully overcome our survival instinct and retrain our egos to understand that survival requires the well-being of all. To make this shift, we need to utilize all our tools: subtle energy, spirituality and emotional healing.

To shift from ego domination, first we need a new spiritual perspective. We need to retrain the ego to think in terms of the “we.” In every situation that confronts us, we need to practice a new thought: “My survival is dependent on the survival of the whole. My well-being is contingent on the well-being of all. I cannot thrive in a world where others are not thriving.”

Easy to say, hard to do, especially consistently. While many of us give lip service to Oneness consciousness, much of our spirituality is still dominated by ego. “I want this, and I will use God, the Source, higher consciousness, the laws of the universe to manifest it.” Or “I am dedicated to my spiritual path and to the attainment of higher consciousness for myself and for my personal salvation.”

All this is ego. We are agents of the divine, not the other way around. And there is no personal salvation, because we do not truly and fundamentally exist as disparate fragments. We are part of the Oneness, aspects of a collective consciousness in the process of evolution. How do we make this shift to Oneness consciousness?

Spirituality: First we need spiritual paradigms and tools that are consistent with the principle of Oneness to which we give lip service. And we need more than concepts. We need to hold ourselves accountable to utilize those paradigms and tools in every single aspect of our lives – from what we eat and wear, to how and where we work, how we love and how we treat our bodies, our minds and our planet.

Emotional Healing: Second, we need emotional healing. No matter how lofty our thoughts, we cannot be agents of divine consciousness if we are run by unconscious programs designed by our egos to ensure our survival and if we are deeply defended and self-protective based on the traumatic experiences that have blemished our psyches.

Without thorough, psychological healing, there is no true shift in our being, and our words and concepts mock us in the disparity between what we know to be true and how we feel.

The handmaiden of the commitment to healing is constant, ruthless self-awareness, the willingness to confront ourselves and our behaviors, to be in the endless inquiry as to the motivations that are impelling our reactions and responses. Without this level of self-awareness, we are locked in the never-ending process of rationalizing our reactivity and fear. With this level of self-awareness, we are open to the processes and modalities that will help us to overcome them.

Subtle Energies: Yet spirituality and emotional healing are not enough. In addition, we need the power of subtle energies to support us to break through the egoic patterning that has run our planet and ourselves. We need the chi that comes from the earth to bring us the well-being that allows us to release our rampant addiction to substances, whether they be sugar, alcohol or other drugs, including the drugs our own bodies release when we are engaging in addictive behaviors, such as sex disconnected from spirituality, or gambling or rage.

Additionally we need the power of the subtle energies that come from beyond us, that come from higher consciousness, from the divine, energies that break through the long-encrusted patterning of traditional human thinking, feeling and behavior, energies powerful enough to break through the collective resistance to change that is based on every individual’s fear that change will threaten our survival.

Our individual egos are geared to protect us through replicating patterns that we learned in infancy. Our individual egos need to evolve, to come into the understanding that only through supporting the whole and being part of the Oneness will we thrive. Our collective egos are equally dedicated to self-protection, the protection of the ego itself.

Only through the dedicated efforts of individuals, who are willing to shift our paradigms, heal our emotional traumas and egoic patterns, and embrace higher consciousness will we help co-create the collective vortex of change that increasingly invites the growing participation of higher consciousness and divine power itself, the only power capable of helping us transform the collective ego and bring in the New Era that we envision, crave and are destined to experience.

For over 30 years, Beth Green has been a spiritual teacher, author, workshop leader, intuitive counselor, composer and speaker, synergizing emotional healing, original thinking and subtle energies into transformational modalities that help people change individually and collectively. You may receive a free ebook copy of her latest book, Living with Reality: Who We Are, What We Could Be, How We Get There, by signing up for a free study program at www. You may hear Beth at the upcoming CIHS conference; work with Beth at an upcoming retreat, “Creating a Collective Vortex of Change,” sponsored by The Stream, her spiritual community, August 17–19; or become her student in one of her consciousness training programs, Consciousness Boot Camp or ACT, Accelerated Consciousness Training. For more, see