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The Six Keys to Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy, so why is happiness to elusive
and foleeting? What are the obstacles that keep us from whatever our definition of happiness is?

The answer: our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We’re always “working” toward happiness and experience it when we succeed at a challenge, overcome an illness or fall in love. We are aware, on some level, of how we operate. What we focus our conscious energy on changing and improving can lead to improvements. Being more conscious of ourselves and our energy is the beginning. But we know it doesn’t always last.

If you are disappointed in your results—unhappy more than happy—then a method for tapping into your energetic essence might be helpful. Do you know who you are and what you are capable of? Do you respond to people and situations always waiting for a clue to your life’s true direction rather than driving your own destiny?

Do you wander through life with a sense that you are missing it?

Keys to unlock your happiness potential:

1. Identify the limiting beliefs that keep you small and fearful. Write down all your negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings that emerge whenever you think of making changes in your life. Purge yourself. Notice how much energy is held in these negative reactions and where they are being held in your body.

2. Engage your reptilian brain. This is your ancient brain that allows survival. It is also the part of you that freezes in response to change. Feed this ancient brain and you are free to fly! Do what is familiar and nurturing as you are anticipating changes in your life. Too many changes, even positive ones, will engage your fight/flight response. With the cooperation of your Reptilian Brain you can “ease into” transformation

3. Get clear about what you want. When you stay “out of focus” regarding your full potential your progress is hit or miss. When you focus clearly on creating a new potential you begin to harness your energy toward defining yourselves in a new way. Write down your goals in the present tense as if you are already living them.

4. Identify the positive feeling this new goal will give you. Our brains will accept a new idea if there is a positive feeling that accompanies it. For change to take hold there must be a powerful emotional attachment to the new idea.

5. Change the energy. The first four steps are necessary for change to happen. But we can’t attract more happiness with the same thinking that created the problems to begin with. We must change our minds; which means changing our energy. Changing the energy is easy. Dance, sing, walk, laugh or breathe deeply. Anything you choose that gets your system moving will accomplish this.

6. To complete the experience you must reward yourself. Anything that makes you feel happy and proud of your accomplishment. The brain thrives on reward. Remember how much you loved getting those stickers when you were little and managed to clean your room? You can give yourself this energetic boost by choosing something that says “well done!” to your brain.

Here is an exercise that will support you in being happier. Once you begin identifying what you DO want, and stop feeding energetically what you DON’T want, life becomes better. You begin to feel happiness more consistently as you live your life more consciously.

If you find that you are still sliding back to the familiar limiting patterns, it may be time to work on releasing the underlying unconscious patterns you created in childhood. These patterns are often hidden from our awareness.

So how can you change what you don’t know?

I think the best method is Resonance Repatterning. This is a profound process that allows you to safely identify what you are resonating with, or attracting, which is creating disappointments and unhappiness in your life.

Years ago I had the privilege of working with a young man. He was eight and very advanced. He had recovered from cancer and mom wanted to make sure he stayed healthy. In one of our sessions we talked about the reptilian brain. I shared a story with him about Albert Einstein. He was quite a celebrity in his day and reporters followed him everywhere.

One day a brave reporter asked Dr. Einstein why he always wore the same old cardigan sweater. Certainly he could afford a better wardrobe with his level of success. Einstein focused on this reporter and told him that he was feeding his reptilian brain. Only when that part of his brain was fed with the familiar was he able to soar and discover new ideas!

A week later mom phoned me to ask what had transpired in the previous session with her son. I couldn’t remember most of it until she shared something with me: She was doing his laundry and found a small piece of his baby blanket pinned to the inside of his shirt pocket.

When she asked about it he told her that he often felt worried about learning new things in school. So to calm himself down he decided to keep a piece of his baby blanket with him since it was his security blanket when he was little and it should satisfy his reptilian brain. Out of the mouths of babes! Don’t be afraid of change. Your happiness depends on it!

Ardis Ozborn, Director of teacher training for the Resonance Repatterning Institute. She described Resonance Repatterning as profound process that allows you to safely identify what you are resonating with, or attracting, which is creating disappointments, unhappiness and illness in your life. If you are interested in studying this process with her. She is starting a new series of seminars in this powerful system July 27-29 in Carlsbad. For more information please go to or contact San Diego County coordinator: Linda Clark at 760.613-3854 e-mail: