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Planetary Cycles
for July 2010

Sun in Cancer “sounds the gong”
for planetary awareness

We have entered a powerful time of evolutionary change in our personal lives as well as in our world. This year’s Summer Solstice on June 21 awakened a heart-and-soul yearning for greater balance in our lives and for global healing. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, the tragedy of the Gulf oil spill in America reverberates deeply within the heart of all humanity. If you wish to add energy and light to healing our planet, go to for a 3-minute invocation. With the sun now in Cancer from June 21 until July 22, we feel to support, nurture and protect our homes and families, but current planetary energies also call for a greater regard for our extended family: our planet, its life-forms, and all of us.

Lunar Eclipse provides an irrevocable
turning point for humanity

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on June 26 marked a point of no return for humanity. As an evolving species, we must now turn the corner, change our values, and make new and courageous choices. Nothing could be more appalling and completely unacceptable to Universal Wisdom than to see humanity destroy itself. Provided we are tuned in, and really listening to our higher guidance, this powerful eclipse offers a huge opportunity for revolutionary change. To be tuned in, we must take time daily to go inward, to feel our hearts, to listen to our spirits. Let’s look more closely at what these remarkable planetary energies mean in our lives.

The clarion call for an awakened
humanity rings out, you listening?

To say that the old structures in our societies are crumbling would be stating the obvious. Since the autumn of 2008, when the powerful planet of transformation, Pluto, entered Capricorn, our world has been rocked by the death-dive of our financial, political, education and health-care systems as well as by unprecedented natural and unnatural disasters. Capricorn is the sign of traditions and societal structures, and Pluto digs things up by the roots. The energies catalyzed by the late June eclipse will play out for some months, but will be particularly acute during July. Along with Pluto producing a huge wake-up call, Saturn, the planet of karma, or life’s lessons, pressures us to examine and evaluate the physical environment we create for ourselves. If you haven’t already, downsize, eliminate clutter, clean up, and organize your life and workspace; this will help bring clarity. Jupiter, the expansive planet of new opportunities and horizons, united for a time in the sign of Aries with revolutionary Uranus sounds the clarion call for us to wake up to our true nature. We are divine beings of Light, here to create a new world, remember? Create with your heart and soul. Make love a daily practice.

Lunar Eclipse inspires us to share the love!

We have another eclipse on July 11 at the new moon in Cancer. This is a solar eclipse, which brings a new beginning at a very deep level within our being. Following the all-round shake up from the previous month’s lunar eclipse, this Cancer Solar Eclipse brings the inspiration needed to instigate necessary changes in our home and family lives, and it also speaks to changes at a very deep level within us, at our core, or essence. The eclipse reminds us that self-love and self-nurturing is just as important as giving to others. At the new moon and for several days following, very positive energies streaming in from Venus support us to express love at a higher frequency. The planet of communications, Mercury, forms favorable aspects with revolutionary Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, making for much lively and thought-provoking/consciousness awakening communications!

During the third week of July, we have two planetary changes that symbolize shifts in our lives. Jupiter, in the sign Aries since June 6, turns retrograde (apparent backward motion), affecting the way we experience our sense of freedom and expansion. The surge of growth we have experienced since early June subsides a bit, giving us an opportunity to regroup, and granting us more time for planning and development of future goals. Saturn, the planet that symbolizes our challenges or life-lessons, leaves Virgo to begin its two-year foray into the sign of relationships, Libra. This is a bigger change, which we will look at in more detail next month. It begins a new cycle of self-exploration through that wonderful reflection of partnerships and intimate relationships.

On July 22, the sun moves into the playful and creative sign of Leo, and we naturally feel moved to create interesting activity in our lives. While the sun is in Leo, we may feel inspired to express ourselves in some creative way, or to consciously choose to bring more joy into our lives. The midsummer transit of the sun in Leo often brings families and friends together for connection and recreation, giving us ample opportunity to express the love in our hearts. On July 25, we have a full moon in Aquarius, opposite the sun in Leo, and in some favorable aspects to several planets that help us to see the big picture of our lives. Go with your highest vision and inspiration!

“Best Days”

Although every day is full of opportunities, some days are specifically more conducive to beginning or advancing our goals. This month, brand new projects have the absolute best opportunity for success when initiated on the following date: July 14. Other very good dates for getting new endeavors off the ground are: July 6, 10–13, and 15–16. The following days, although not great for starting brand new projects, are good days in which we may expect positive outcomes with existing projects: July, 7, 19-22, and 31. The rest of the days in July are best spent visioning, refining and improving, or redefining what is already in motion.


ARIES: Following the Lunar eclipse on June 26, a review of your career or chosen life path is called for. In the past two years, you have experienced ongoing transformation, and much attention and effort has gone into building your career or business. Some innovative new approaches will work now if applied with care. The Solar eclipse on July 11 brings your attention to self-care, self-love, and maintaining a strong home and family or community of friends. Creative inspiration flows and opportunities for health rebalancing come now.

TAURUS: The Lunar eclipse of June 26 has rattled many of your philosophical views as you perceive that the “rules” of life as we know it are undergoing significant changes. On July 11, the solar eclipse brings your attention toward how you communicate, particularly in terms of how you are supported and grow through your interactions in the world. You appreciate an environment that nurtures you, and from this foundation in your life, your creativity flares toward innovative growth and effective actions.

GEMINI: No doubt you have been finding a fresh footing in these past days as the financial effects of the June 26 Lunar eclipse become more apparent. You are experiencing deep transformation of the manner of exchange of shared energy and resources in your intimate relationships. Remain open to innovations in your values regarding personal finances, along with new inspirations in your long-term goals. Being clear about your needs, and communicating propel you to nurture and provide for yourself in a more wholesome and synergistic way.

CANCER: For the past two years, your relationships have been transforming, and the June 26 Lunar eclipse raises your awareness of the balance of energy you give and receive. With the Solar eclipse on June 11 you sense an increasing need to realign with whatever supports your own growth and personal strength in life. Breakthrough ideas and changes in your career path stimulate greater financial well-being. Express your needs clearly; it is up to you to make sure you have the care and nurturing you desire.

LEO: Your set daily work and health routines have been impacted by the lunar eclipse of June 26. Establishing new habits and finding new products or processes to improve your health will rejuvenate you. Change is in the air, but will not become manifest until a shift occurs in your beliefs and values. Following the July 11 solar eclipse, you find new and more effective ways to express yourself and your needs. With a little perseverance and well-considered action on your behalf, you can open the door to improving your financial situation.

VIRGO: Your creative energies have been stirred up with the lunar eclipse of June 26, bringing ideas for innovative solutions to an ongoing financial concern, as well as to your handling of shared resources. With the Solar eclipse of July 11, you sense more clearly the ways you can contribute to the world by expanding your network of friends and associates and expressing more caring, nurturing and well-being. Venus in your sign brings you a greater flow of love and support.

LIBRA: The Lunar eclipse on June 26 has triggered changes your home environment. For the past two years, you have experienced a family issue that can now be seen clearly, addressed and transformed. The Solar eclipse on June 11, affects your career or chosen life path, and may lead to an important decision. Seeking a more health and holistic way of committing yourself will bring greater harmony. As we all come to find how interconnected we are in the world, you are inspired to expand into wider and wider social circles.

SCORPIO: Clear communications have become dramatically more important for you since the lunar eclipse of June 26 as you realize how vital it is for you to express what you feel and need in your rapidly transforming journey. Your vision expands into many long-range plans as the Sun is eclipsed on June 11, opening vistas of nourishment and conscious growth as the essential elements of life for you and the world. Your communications are particularly potent right now and you can aim them purposefully toward innovations and well-considered growth for yourself and everyone in your community.

SAGITTARIUS: Money matters have been highlighted yet again with the Lunar eclipse of June 26 and you are encouraged to reevaluate everything you see as materially foundational in your life, including your work or career goals. These dramatic times offer great opportunities for transformation, and the Solar eclipse on July 11 reminds you that anything is possible. Inspired by higher vision, your creative self-expression can flow effortlessly.

CAPRICORN: Your relationship to yourself, and the effect your presence has on our world has been under the spotlight since the lunar eclipse of June 26. Upcoming changes in your career or business call for a reevaluation of your base of operations and your home and family life. With the Solar eclipse on July 11, you are reminded to nurture your primary relationships, perhaps in ways you have not previously considered important. Favorable business partnership or investment opportunities present themselves, expanding your choices; innovative solutions arrive.

AQUARIUS: Something deep within you has been stirring ever since the June 26 Lunar eclipse as your spiritual nature has been activated in ways that previously have been hidden from you. Communication with others provides important keys. The solar eclipse on July 11 calls you to change any unwanted habits and establish new self-care daily routines. Inner spiritual reflection and clear communications with loved ones expands the possibility for great joy.

PISCES: Your life-goals, which have been under pressure to transform for the past two years may well have been shaken up with the lunar eclipse of June 26. Current financial realities point the way to significant changes that you know are necessary. Your creativity is sparked with the solar eclipse of July 11, and innovative ideas to change your current situation arrive. Right now is a good time to focus on what really needs saying and make some well-considered moves toward expressing your love and delight with those closest to you—in fact why not toward everyone!