Why Brad Loves Jennifer
Science and Art Confirm
Celebrity Soul-Mate Love

Do we really have soul mates, perhaps even a twin soul? Or are we simply emotional pawns in a play of nature as she tries to draw us into relationship to propagate the species?

A recent study by British painter Suzi Malin has shed new light on these age old questions. By joining together the faces of over 50 celebrity couples she has produced photographic evidence that perhaps we fall for those whose external features mirror our own. And these facial replications of physical dimension reflect and represent our inner compatibility of mind and emotion, soul and spirit, with that beloved other person.

Most women in America would feel that Jennifer Aniston is a very lucky woman—after all, she is with Brad Pitt! “If only it could have been them.” What they don't know is that Brad and Jennifer are together because they physically mirror each other to an extraordinary degree. By taking two separate photographs of the famed couple, splitting them in half and joining the two separate elements together, Malin has produced a remarkable image. Brad and Jennifer are really one person—each feature of their faces reflects with an uncanny accuracy, a mirror image of the other person.

The length of their noses, the shape of the upper lip and eyebrows, the size and shape of the eyeballs, the width of the eyes, the distance from top of forehead to chin, width of mouth, these are replicated in Brad and Jennifer's faces to an uncanny degree. And this external mirroring is apparently a reflection of an inner harmony that the couple naturally possesses.

Brad told Hello! magazine, “You have to find someone you can truly be yourself with.” And Jennifer said, “I think it has made me more comfortable in who I am, to have someone who accepts me with all my dysfunction and insecurities and struggles.”

According to Malin these lovers are an “echoist” couple, a matching where the outer persons reflect the inner being. Such pairings are usually characterized by a lack of need to change their inner selves to match the other persons' needs, a condition that generally abnegates any sense of co-dependency.

Victoria and David Beckham are another celebrity couple who posses this gift of grace. Formerly known as “Posh” of the Spice Girls pop group, Victoria is a physical mirror reflection of David, who is the most highly paid soccer player in history. Both are the subject of endless media hysteria in the U.K. and manage to weather it all with grace because they are an “echoist” pairing. Their joined face halves produce a look of oneness that is quite remarkable as do the following matches: Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev; Margaret Thatcher and her husband Dennis; John Lennon and Yoko Ono; Noah and Tracy Wyle; Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan and many more.

Cross cultural differences are apparently no barrier. Antonio Banderas is a Latin lover married to waspish Melanie Griffith and yet suprisingly the two are echoists. Their faces carry uncanny echoes of each other. Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda have an amazing echoist resemblance. They loved each other so much that for thirty years they were hardly out of each others presence. When she died Paul was absolutely devastated because he had lost not only his wife, lover and partner but best friend.

Unfortunately echoism is not a guarantee that all such relationships will have a happy ending. In her book, Love at First Sight, Malin reproduces joined half pictures of Elvis and Priscilla Presley that show they have an almost perfect physical pairing. But Elvis's addiction to drugs, many infidelities and unnatural life style, eventually took their toll and the couple split. Similarly, the demands of public life and the fact that John Kennedy put career and marital obligations before his love for Marilyn Monroe, brought their love affair and perhaps even Marilyn's life, to a tragic conclusion.

Sometimes couples do not have full echoism but simply harmonism, a partial matching of facial dimensions, as is the case with Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley. Side by side comparisons of this couple show that while the length of the noses and distance from eyebrow to nose tip, nose tip to mid lip and chin are the same, the shape and look of the eyes are completely different. Harmonism is a partial feature match reflective of a partial inner match.

Prince Charles and Diana had harmonist features with similar noses. But their eyes and upper lips were completely off.

To succeed relationally to the highest degree, there must be a complementary mental and emotional mirroring. When this is absent, or there is an insufficiently strong echo in each partner, there will always be a sense that something is missing and the clues to this can be seen in the faces. This does not mean that echoists will always look alike exactly. It simply means that there is an inner oneness that is clearly reflected in the dimensional characteristics of each partner's facial features.

The third phenomenon outlined by Malin is known as Prima Copulism, or first love syndrome. Here we are drawn to someone who reminds us of the first opposite sex person we bonded with emotionally as a child. The world is dumfounded that Prince Charles could prefer Camilla Parker Bowles to the fairy-tale Princess Diana. But Bowles is a dead ringer for Mabel Anderson, the Nanny who cared for Charles when he was an unhappy small infant. The young prince only got to see his natural mother, Queen Elizabeth twice a day for two half-hour spells. So he bonded emotionally with his Nanny. The joined faces of Camilla and Nanny Mabel bear an uncanny resemblance to each other, even as they age through life.

John F. Kennedy Jr.'s wife, Carolyn Besette, not only had the look of his mother, Jackie Kennedy, but even a similar rather cold and aloof personality. Elton John's boyfriend David Furnish is a dead ringer for the famed singers mother, who championed his musical aspirations as a child. And amazingly, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky have not only many harmonist but also echoist facial properties in common. When the half faces of Monica and Bill's mother are joined together—Bingo! A perfect match. Lewinsky and Virginia Clinton look like one and the same person! No wonder they were drawn together despite all risks.

And finally Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Here was a relationship that rocked the world. Even the Pope denounced it, calling Liz a “sexual vagrant.” But the world flocked to see the pair on the screen to glimpse the power of the love Burton had for the Queen of his heart. Richard's mother had died when he was five years old and he was raised by his sister Cecilia. Of her he said, “My sister was no ordinary woman—no woman ever is, but to me, my sister less than any. When my mother died she, my sister, had become my mother, and more mother to me than any mother could have been. I was immensely proud of her. I shone in the reflection of her green-eyed, black-haired, gypsy beauty. It wasn't until 30 years later when I saw her in another woman, Elizabeth Taylor, that I realized I had been searching for her all my life.”

Indeed, joined pictures of Cecilia and Elizabeth reveal a truly remarkable resemblance, especially about the eyes.

So what are we to conclude from all this amazing information? For me it shows that there is a divine intelligence at work in the affairs of our hearts. It seeks to draw all of us into the highest possible relationship with someone who externally and internally is the mirror of our deepest selves. For at the core of our natures burns an unquenchable flame of love. This love is who and what we are and that fire of longing seeks to unite with the original spark of divinity from which it was struck on the anvil of creation by the hand of God.

Plato claimed that man and woman were originally one soul and that Zeus split them in two and sent their separate halves forth to wander the world in search of each other. If they found one another they would go to the God Hephaestus and beg him to melt them down in his furnace and blend them back again into their original unity.

In today's confused society we wander in many delusive relationships, which echo not our twin soul reunification longing, but Cinderalla's ugly sister who tried to squeeze onto her foot a shoe that did not belong there. “I'll just make it fit,” is perhaps a mantra of modern romantic hopelessness that needs to be set aside as the world strives to become more conscious. Not “settling” for less than we know ourselves to be could become the watchword of a new order of romantic love as we seek to partner with someone who can help us truly grow in consciousness.

But not all of us are going to find or be with our twin souls in this lifetime. However, knowing the reasons we are attracted to someone, who is less than perfect for us, and honoring the differences can be very helpful. It will free us from placing the burden of unrealistic expectation upon someone whom nature has not designed to fully echo our deepest soul and most personal self. Realizing this, perhaps we can help one another in the relationships that do come our way. By loving those we love who are in our lives now and those who may later come our way and accepting them for who and what they are, frees both them and ourselves.

In my own life in relation to the opposite sex, I try to treat all women with dignity, loving them without expectation and inwardly honoring them as if they were my twin soul, even if they are not. In this manner I am building my character as a spiritual person and perfecting my heart by expanding its circumference to include all people as my own.

According to Suzi Malin we shall be truly complete in relationship when harmonisim, echoism and prima copulism are simultaneously present. Perhaps that is the defining condition of a twin-soul relationship. Until we finally meet and reunite with such a one, I believe we must honor the differences between ourselves and those we try to love, however imperfectly.

As a man in an age when the definition of what it means to be male is subject to much insecurity and confusion, I am happy to be fully masculine. From where I stand, I am in the unique and enviable position of being able to observe and appreciate the amazing beauty and wonder of that miracle of the Almighty known as woman. Perhaps it is my Welsh blood that gives the words of Richard Burton a special resonance for me. Or perhaps, it is because I am a hopeful romantic. When he said, “My sister was no ordinary woman—no woman ever is,” I can only echo in my heart, Amen Richard! If you knew that, you did not live and love in vain. May we all be able to say the same.

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