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A New Era of Medicine

Holistic Healing
and Muscle Testing

Imagine having access to knowledge that could tell you if a food you were about to eat was going to strengthen or weaken your body? A technique that would help determine whether something is good or bad for you. What if you had a way to determine if something would help you to thrive or if that something would be detrimental to you? Now, imagine if that knowledge came from a technique that could be done in seconds.

Thomas Edison was quoted saying “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Yet, for every ill, there is a pill. The more advanced we become with technology the more pills we manufacture and dispense.

Prescription drugs are now said to be the third largest killer of the American population. One out of three geriatric patients takes an average of 6 prescription and non prescription medications on a regular basis. In fact, 9.6 million adults suffer from drug induced side effects and or deaths each year.

Hippocrates stated, ‘A wise man should consider health as the greatest of all human blessings.’ As a nation are we blessed with health? Statistically speaking, Americans have more heart disease, kidney, cancer, stokes, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, cataracts, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, infectious disease, and obesity than any other nation. The U.S. spends over $14 million per minute on “health care.” That is more per capita than any other nation on earth, but it seems that what is commonly thought to be health care is actually “disease maintenance.”

Why is this? We have become a society of symptom chasers rather than looking for the cause of the problem. That is, chasing the symptoms of chronic disease and illness with a drug or medication and not looking to see what is weakening our bodies.

Understanding how the body breaks down is the beginning to understanding how to rebuild it as we restore health and wellness. It is important to know that we all have different constitutions and tolerances. Symptoms and disease are an accumulation of substances that cause weakness in the body. Anything that weakens the nervous system weakens the body. ‘All disease, all pain, all disharmony, all strife comes from weakness.’ These patterns arise from imbalances in the physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.

For example, John begins with a liver that is strong and functioning at 100%. Over time John ingests food and drinks that weaken his liver. He drinks three beers daily, which lowers his liver function to 90%, then ingests an allergen to his body, wheat, which lowers his liver function to 70%. His chronic anger issue weakens his liver to 60% function. A vitamin A deficiency then lowers his liver function to 50%. What is the likelihood that John’s liver will function normally and remain disease free? 50%. Is it possible to help John rebuild and maintain quality liver function?

What if doctors could teach their patients ways to determine if the food they put in their bodies were helping them. What if they could teach the patient how to measure the causes of their health concerns? What if we knew how to measure the vitality of our vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods? What if we could measure our environment? What if we had a simple way to determine how our stress levels affect our health? If our example patient John had known how to measure for weaknesses would he have been spared a liver that functions at 50%? True prevention is avoiding weakness.

As doctors, and patients, we want to approach the body as a whole and to concern ourselves with the cause and prevention of disease. The American health care system is undergoing a rapid and intensive consumer driven change in its approach and treatment for illness and disease. As patient satisfaction levels are at all time low the model of medicine is forced to conform to the need. Change is upon us. The old model of symptom therapy is dissolving and giving birth to a whole new era—holistic medicine. Often called alternative medicine, holistic medicine offers a natural view of health care.

In this new age of health care a great awakening has been gifted to mankind. With holistic medicine comes new practices, techniques and disciplines. One such technique is called muscle testing.

Born in the ’60s from Dr. George Goodheart, Jr. (Chiropractor and “the Father” of Applied Kinesiology who discovered that muscle testing could be used to gather information from the body), muscle testing has evolved to be one of the mainstream holistic techniques used by doctors, physicians and healers today. Originally a chiropractic technique, muscle testing is now used by medical doctors, acupuncturists, dentists, holistic health practitioners as well as metaphysicians.

As a holistic chiropractor my patient’s best and highest good has always been my intention. Fortunately, early on in my career I discovered the use of this extraordinary technique. The result revolutionized my life as well as the life of my patients. When done correctly, muscle testing is an accurate method of analysis and diagnosis. Within the scope of my practice it is used as an aid in the discovery of the cause of most health problems. Muscle testing yields a functional diagnosis and gains access to a plethora of information that we would not otherwise have access to. Within minutes the practitioner may gain insight to the cause of the problem and assess the proper treatment.

Medicine for centuries has established its principles and therapeutic protocols using the scientific model. The scientific model being founded on studies and collected data. In contrast, muscle testing offers a functional analysis of the body on an individual need and custom protocols are administered. Because every person is different, we all have different needs. Muscle testing can offer an examination of the electrical compatibility of a substance ‘like a food or vitamin’ to see if that substance strengthens the body on an individual basis. For instance, one form of calcium may be the best choice of supplements for one person but that same source of calcium may not work for another. One person may be strong to ‘dairy’ and another person may be weak to it. In this way, we know what will strengthen or weaken the body.

The technique is done by means of the tester applying pressure to a muscle group such as the arm of the person being tested. The person being tested attempts to hold the arm ‘strong’ against the testers pressure. The tester then measures the resistance to the pressure to determine if the muscle is strong or weak. Since muscle strength is a measure of the nervous system, the theory is that if something weakens the nervous system it can be measured through the muscle test. Food allergies, vitamin levels, physical problems, emotional problems and acupuncture imbalances can all be tested using muscle testing. Muscle testing can also ask the body as to what techniques will restore strength and healing. Muscle testing offers access to simple yes-or-no (Y/N) answers to any question that is asked? Each answer is accurate and repeatable. The answers can come immediately. Examples of questions that can be answered in regard to health issues are... “Is this food good for me?” (Y/N); or “Am I allergic to wheat?” (Y/N); or “Is my heart strong?” (Y/N); or “Am I deficient in calcium?” (Y/N); or even “Is this the cause of my health problems?” (Y/N).

Test yourself. Hold your arm out to the side of your body with your hand at shoulder height. Have a friend of family member gently push downward on your arm and check your resistance or strength. Be careful if you have any shoulder problems as to not aggravate the issue. Now, once strength has been established put something that is not healthy in your mouth such as white sugar or saccharin and recheck for strength. If the substance is not compatible with your body or bad for you it will create a weakness in your arm strength and you arm will go down.

Muscle Testing can also be used as a viable and powerful way to access inner wisdom. It is a way to access whether your nervous system agrees and believes any question asked. This truth is not just accessible to some, it is accessible to everyone. By using muscle testing one can determine strength to any question one might ask. Life questions can be assessed such as well. “Is John telling the truth?” (Y/N); “Is this a safe investment?” (Y/N); “ Is this relationship worthy of my pursuit?” (Y/N). “Is this job opportunity in my best and highest good?” (Y/N).

Remember, anything that weakens the nervous system weakens the body. ‘All disease, all pain, all disharmony, all strife comes from weakness.’ These patterns arise from imbalances in the physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. All healing comes from strength. Muscle testing is an accurate and viable way to determine what is weak, what is causing the weakness, and how best to restore strength to the physical, chemical, emotional, and or spiritual self.

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