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Conversations with Yogiraj Siddhanath, Kundalini Kriya Yoga Master

Yogiraj Siddhanath began his 2012 US tour in Mid-July visiting the East Coast followed by Southern California & Seattle. In 2011, Yogiraj wrote, Babaji: The Lightning Standing Still, revealing publicly for the first time the facts and origins of Babaji. It was recently awarded the Most Influential Book of the New Millennium Award by the American Authors Association. He will arrive in Southern California and host Healing Enlightenment Satsangs & Kriya Yoga Empowerment Workshops in San Diego/Encinitas & Los Angeles between Aug. 11–19, followed by a retreat in Carlsbad beginning in late September (details at end of this article).

The Life Connection: Physicists have recently discovered what they call the Higgs Boson, which they refer to as the “God Particle.” How do you think this fits into the debate between the materialists and the spiritualists regarding the existence of God?

Yogiraj: For thousands of years people have been trying to disprove God and they have failed. And for thousands of years, people have been trying to prove God and they have also failed, for God is not a subject for proof, disproof or intellectual speculation. God is a direct experience and a one to one personal experience too. We can’t say that the materialists have won or that the spiritualists have won because God is in both. So why are they creating this schism? This condition? Isn’t it sufficient to say that the human being himself is a God particle? So saying that they find the God particle—I don’t know what they mean. I don’t know what they mean by finding the God particle. The God particle is the human being himself. He is the first God particle because he is made in the formative image of God.

TLC: I regularly receive material about how scientific discoveries are proving an intelligent universe is at work. What is your take on these new merging sciences that radically seem to modify our current reality? I’m speaking about genetically modified organisms, spraying chemtrails into our skies to change the weather, human cloning and nano technologies. Do you think these technologies are dangerous for man to be using at this time?

Yogiraj: These technologies, whether dangerous or non-dangerous, are what they are. But as for man, let us first go deeper into what the true man actually is. And therefore, I would follow the footsteps of the Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas when they say that man is not a house of flesh and bone that sleeps, decays and dies. You are immortal consciousness, Lord of the earth and sky. So, if man is immortal consciousness, these genetic things which are being done on the garments of the lower man or man’s physical garment will only be able to affect the materialistic body if it is meant to be so. It will be so because, and if, it is the plan of God. If this is not the plan of the Divine then this will be a failure and they will not be able to mutate, levitate or disfigure the human being or any plans for their own selfish experiment. If they do it for progress, then a limited amount of sacrifice will be required of the physical material aspect. You don’t need to worry about this. True man can never be damaged by matter. He can permeate and influence matter, but matter cannot change his form because he is conscious.

Your new book is Babaji: The Lightening Standing Still. What does the title refer to?

Lightening Standing Still means that Babaji has descended to us in the material world because he is faster than lightening. The lightening, whole of Shiva, beyond lightening when it stands still it is the critical state where creation begins. Light and lightening standing still is the birth of a new creation because it is when lightening stands still it has a choice whether to go to faster than light beyond creation, or to go to objects slower than light, which through permutation, combination manifests creation. God said ‘let there be light’ that is Babaji. Lightening traveling at 300 thousand miles per second is still traveling; when it goes a little faster, time, light, and space all stand still. The whole of creation is standing still ready to go into the great beyond time, the great mystical black hole vortex. It can go into black hole vortex or into total liberation through the divine star of the singularity or it can come step down and perform creation. That state of lightening standing still is a state where you can either go to the black hole to find liberation and not come back, to god realization, or you can go out to the white hole and create a new creation of your own, that is the critical state of lightening standing still.

We find ourselves in the middle of 2012 and it appears the Apocalypse has not happened yet, are Himalayan Masters like yourself intervening? What do you think of the talk of think Armageddon?

Statements that it’s going to be the end of the world, that it will be destroyed suddenly—in a flash the sky will open up and people will be obliterated—I do not know who is saying it will be the end of the world. I have repeatedly said that it is not going to be the end of the world. That there’s going to be destruction through cataclysm, earthquakes or tsunamis? It’s not going to happen. Or there’s going to be a world war? It’s not going to happen. What I’m saying is that all these things that happen will happen gradually. These negative things like say a tectonic shift, they will be there. There will be catastrophes with many people dying like in Syria, people dying in Iraq and then the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan. They have already happened. Yes a world war situation might occur, but it will not get to a World War. And that’s what I have said.

So much of the world is fixated upon this year, 2012, as being an important year of transition for humanity. What do you teach about this transition?

I would like to make one thing very clear—that we are passing through a period of transition. This transition is a transformation of our bodies, our minds, and our souls to a more spiritual awakening to subtler dimensions—and dear souls, this paradigm shift may cause a little inconvenience to you—but it has to be done for your good. We are all like little children, we don’t like the dentist, but if we don’t take out the rot the tooth will fail. We don’t take out the rot, we are human. If we don’t take out the rot in humanity, we don’t take out the gangrene, the decay, then we shall be the cause of our own undoing and this gangrene and decay in humanity is separateness. Disintegration is a wanting to be different, not a wanting to unite. In silence at this level of consciousness humanity is one. Consciousness is divine, it pervades the whole of creation and pervades you too and this consciousness may be understood, may be realized by the practice of an ancient Indian science called Yog. Not Yog(a), when I say Yog(a) immediately you start putting your foot on your head and you start physical postures.

Yog is the union of your soul self with the infinite spirit called God, the union of Giva and Shiva, the union of your finite consciousness ensconced and housed within this body and the infinite consciousness which pervades way beyond creation and pervades every pore, every atom, and every electron of existence known and unknown to man. It is beyond this divine consciousness which we call nothingness for lack of a better word, we cannot comprehend God, so it is best to call him nothingness rather than limit him. We must try to understand this divine consciousness or this space consciousness. What I understand from it I try to convey, which I cannot convey in words. I know it is a hopeless case; I am just pointing the way. Nobody has been able to convince or convey their experience of God to another person that person has to validate the experience of God by his own experience. By the practice of the science of Kriya Yoga, you may be self-realized and realize this sacred space within you called the divine consciousness.

And why is 2012 the crucial point?

The first point is: 2012 is one of the very minor cycles of many such cycles that we have before us, partial cataclysms and destructions and holocausts, this is one of those repetitions where the mind simply can’t see anything beyond that; but I can see new hope in everything beyond. That it is just the end of a minor cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. There is something else happening besides the minor cycle, there is a vaster cycle, which is coming to a completion; a 5000 year cycle is coming to completion in 2012. When the spirit of these Four Horsemen of the apocalypse, the Divine World Teacher and the Divine World King shall enter humanity and evolve it. This is a 5000-year-old cycle; it is the rotation of the sun round its dual sun. We have the dual of the sun in the Pleiades, that star is called Magayanti, which in the west they call Acyclone. Now every 250 to 300 million years the spiritual king of this world and universe called the Manu changes and that cyclic Changing of the Guard is aligning with 2012. The 300 million year cycle is combining with this and therefore this change of infusing a new spirit, a new enlightenment into humanity, is coming in 2012 which is but the beginning of the changing of the Guard of the Senior World Teacher and Senior World King to the successor World Teacher and the successor World King.

This is happening in a general sort of way, there are more years to go to complete it but the effects can be seen. Vivaswat, the Manu the sun is a being, the ruling king of our solar system. He is the informing spirit of our sun, and he is completing a perfect cycle with his bipolar, the double star system, called Magayanti, which is Acyclone, they are all coming in line. So Magayanti, which is the Pleiades star called Acyclone, and Surya - our sun. Another great being is also in alignment - a loftier spiritual aspect of Shiva, an aspect of Him called Sirius or Vastuspati, he is also on the same vibratory level. So it is, Surya Vivaswat, is in align with our Sun’s dual star called Magayanti who is in alignment with a yet bigger sun called Vastuspati, the great hunter lord Shiva as Sirius, who is in alignment with the black hole of our galaxy. This is the alignment and at this alignment direct changes will not happen on this earth more changes with happen on Sirius with the higher beings, then it will come to Acyclone and then the lesser changes of the minor cycle will filter down through 500 years will happen on this earth.

Two things will happen, of the negative or I should say the change side is the Mother Earth will become pregnant with the new race, the 6th root race or the 6th civilization of enlightened beings, which are to be born 499 years hence. She is taking her pains and therefore the cataclysms are happening, the shifting of tectonic plates and tsunamis, and earthquakes. These are cataclysms and holocausts are also happening due to the tsunamis the earthquakes that human lives are being taken wars are happening. These are just minor tooth teething problems; these are changes, which are happening before the perfection of the new cycle. The question is that we have been saved before by Lord Vivaswat Manu before who grabbed the seeds of humanity and saved them before, and now the seed Manu who gave them to the following Manu who is now giving it to yet the seed Manu Savarni who was Sri Yukteshar, and the World Teacher to be will be Yoga-Avatar Lahiri Mahasaya who will take over from Krishna, the current World Teacher.

So, all will be taken care of, the only caution that we people give to the people on this earth and practitioners to ingest more light to save yourself from the cataclysms and the holocausts, ingest more light by doing Surya yoga, that is the solar osmosis of Pranic healing which I have given to the world, I have developed by the grace of Babaji. The other one is by doing Agni-Yoga, which is none other than the practice of Kriya Yoga, spinal breathing, that is the Shiva Shakti Kriya yoga. These are the two methods to help you ingest more light whereby you can override the crisis situation of the holocausts of a suffering humanity and also of cataclysms of tsunamis and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; all can be avoided so people must get to the task so not only believers in Kriya yoga anyone who can ingest light by any form of meditation, by any form natural-devised, or even an unnatural form, will also be saved.

Yogiraj Siddhanath will be in Southern California to host the Healing Enlightenment Satsangs & Kriya Yoga Empowerment Workshops in San Diego/Encinitas & Los Angeles between Aug. 11-19, followed a New Life Awakening Kundalini Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat in Carlsbad, CA starting Sep. 27. For registration & information, visit, email or call 1-866-YOGI-RAJ. Interview credits Joseph M., Teresa W., Abhiraj D., Jennifer M.