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About Qigong including a Q&A with Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong Gu is the founder of international Chi Healing Center and Wisdom Healing Foundation. On Aug. 29-30 at UC San Diego, Master Gu will teach Wisdom Healing Qigong — the profound techniques prescribed by the worlds largest “medicine-less” hospital in China. This hospital has a 95% success rate working with over 200,000 patients and treating more than 185 diseases. You will find his information at


When my doctor told me about a medicine-less hospital that treated over 200,000 people with a 95% success rate, I didn't believe it was possible. When he showed me documentation that the hospital's program had worked effectively on over 180 different diseases without using medication, he had my attention and I asked the obvious question: How?

“They did it with Qigong,” he answered.

The hospital, called the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center, was established in China in 1988 by Dr. Pang Ming, a Qigong (pronounced chi-gong) grandmaster and physician trained in both Western and Chinese traditional medicine. The hospital was recognized by the Chinese government as the most effective healing Qigong clinic.

“We have one of their master teachers here in the United States,” my doctor said, “I recommend you take his class.”

My doctor is a practical man, and he has seen me through some rough times with both medications and physical therapy, so to hear him touting Qigong was a bit of a surprise. I'd heard of Qigong for years and I knew it could be beneficial to my health, but had always thought of it as an adjunct therapy. The reality that it was being used in a publicly recognized hospital in China, and that the form was more effective in treating ‘incurable' diseases then many modern medical treatments was enough to sign me up.

Wisdom Healing Qigong

Carrying on the original Qigong form that Dr. Pang Ming founded his hospital on, Master Mingtong Gu offers the practices as Wisdom Healing (Zhineng in Chinese) Qigong here in the West. He is the founder of the Wisdom Healing Foundation in the United States and is working toward the creation of a Qigong healing retreat center. Currently he teaches classes and retreats all over the country, helping people prevent illness and cure disease through the dedicated practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong. After taking a ten-day retreat and witnessing the powerful results for both myself and the other participants, I realized that Wisdom Healing Qigong is much more than an exercise: it's medicine .

Master Gu Answers Questions About Qigong

What is Qi and how does it affect our health?

Qi is the Chinese word for ‘life energy.' Qi expresses itself in both tangible and intangible forms. It can be an electro-magnetic field, a light, or sound, or it can be very dense forms like bones and bodies. All phenomena are really expressions of pure energy, or Qi. This subtle essence is the basis for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects and its strength and quality affects our state of health.

As scientists have discovered, matter is simply energy manifesting as form. This energy can also be returned to formlessness. Ancient Chinese philosophers maintained that the universe originated from this continually transforming primordial Qi. When Qigong healers dissipate tumors with healing energy, it's simply one manifestation of this primordial energy moving from ‘form' to ‘formlessness'—from tumor to non- tumor formless energy . When they heal broken bones, energy is simply moving in the opposite direction from ‘formlessness' to ‘form'—from broken to whole. Of course, it's easy to understand, even scientists have come to the same conclusion now, but one must cultivate one's mind to accomplish such feats. This is where the ancient technology of Qigong comes in.

What makes Wisdom Healing Qigong different from other forms of Qigong?

Wisdom Healing Qigong is all about healing and staying well. Because of the medical and scientific research done at the medicineless hospital in China, we can rely on its effectiveness. The practice itself involves movement, visualization, sound and conscious integration of your energy body with external energy. In that flow of energy you're literally placing yourself into the ocean of perfection where all healing is possible. You experience yourself as energy, and can consciously create your health. The only thing that is required is the experience—experience that comes from doing. You feel the relaxation in your own personal experience. You feel the deep peace. You recognize all levels of yourself are in relationship and you are connected to all beings. This brings fulfillment and nourishment. Imagine how your life would be when your body, organs, cells, heart and spirit are all nurtured and fulfilled by the Divine pure energy which is the source of all life!

By practicing Wisdom healing Qigong, the gentle movement with sound and focused attention, you're awakening to a pure energetic state. In that energetic state you no longer associate with your ‘story' or your ‘illness.' On the surface of that state you can recognize certain feelings, and emotions, but beyond the surface you go into the depth of healing. Then you find no differentiation. You can call this state the state of grace, compassion, oneness, or nothingness. In this state, all is well.

Is the practice difficult to learn?

No, the practice is easy to learn, and you'll see benefits right away. But the deeper you commit yourself you will come to find that the physical practice is not the only powerful part of the healing process. In Wisdom Healing Qigong you learn a profound system of knowledge, which includes understanding the role of the mind, or consciousness in healing. By learning how to control the flow and distribution of Qi, students are able to cure and prevent disease.

How do students learn to control the flow and distribution of Qi?

In the beginning, effort guides you to an effortless flow. Then, it becomes easier than you thought. You naturally become part of the flow. You become more engaged, happier. Flow also has to do with direction, and in the practice, you are using your mind to make two things happen: on the one hand you're cultivating an expansion of the energy field, and on the other hand you're guiding that energy inwards, towards healing and transformation. With consistent practice the ability to direct the energy becomes focused and the flow becomes very strong. You're not running in a million different directions anymore. Your focus is no longer sporadic. That direction, your direction, is very important.

How does this control of Qi make me well?

Any disturbances in the flow of Qi creates illness. When Qi is flowing freely, body processes normalize and illness naturally disappears. The most effective Qigong exercises are designed to collect and exchange Qi with nature in order to open the energy meridian system in the body for the free flow of Qi. Wisdom healing Qigong amplifies this natural exchange process. By first opening our body to the universe and directing our thoughts to the infinity of energy and then bringing our consciousness back to our body we are dissolving blockages so that Qi can flow vigorously. We bring life energy to every cell. Without blockages we become healthy, happy and full of energy and vitality not just free of illness.

Clinical research on the medical applications of this practice done both in China and in the US, have shown that many chronic conditions including cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, allergies and neuromuscular problems have been improved, and many healed completely. The main conclusion from these studies is that the practice helps the body to heal itself.

After working in the medicineless hospital in China what types of diseases did you personally see people heal?

So many! Heart disease, asthma, kidney malfunction, autoimmune malfunctions, cancer and diabetes and many more—people healed themselves with the support of the community chi field and the transmissions of the teachers. The remarkable thing about the Medicineless Hospital was that medical tests were run before students began practicing the form and then after. So, we could actually see the physiological, scientific proof that diseases were completely healed. One of the most amazing examples was caught on film by a team of reporters from Germany . Teachers did a healing session on a tumor while it was being seen on ultrasound equipment and you can actually see the tumor dissolve. One minute it's there as a physical mass and then the teacher's and the student focus the energy on healing and the tumor dissipates. We can see it happen! I put this film on my complimentary DVD because it's important that students know what is really possible. It can happen to yourself not just in new physics lab!

So, at the hospital in China energy was used as medicine. Can you explain how energy medicine works in more specific terms?

Qigong is a practice that helps you perceive the energy that all life is made of. In many ways Qigong is Quantum Physics technology put into use. Every form, every body, every cell—even your thoughts and feelings—are made up of energy. In Wisdom Healing Qigong the specific focus is on directing this energy toward healing. In this form I teach you to practice in a state of concentrated awareness, using your mind to direct energy flow. In an awake, yet completely relaxed state, you can amplify the energy, which promotes well-balanced functioning of the physical body. As a result, health benefits come naturally. Additionally, when we are consciously practicing Wisdom Healing Qigong the most important aspect is activated—the connection of mind and body. As we allow our minds to participate with the process of life within our bodies we start to perceive the underlying energy of the body.

Once we perceive the body as energy, how do we turn it into medicine?

Whenever we are encountering physical problems such as illness, disease, low energy, depression and so forth, we can look into the energetic cause. The beauty of working with energy is that we can consciously change our energy patterns. The more subtle layers of energy we work with the easier we can change the problem. In a deep sense the energy is already the material of medicine and Wisdom healing Qigong teaches us how to make the medicine through the mind's induction and the heart's intention, directing the medicine to the right place in the right way.

The more solid we perceive the energy the more challenging it will be to change the problem. So, our perception plays a very important role because the more we perceive the subtle energy the more empowered we become to make a positive change in our health and life. That is why it's very important in our practice that we let go of our old perceptions of our body as a physically solid, static condition. Once we start to open to the energy that exists beyond the solid, beyond the tangible—the quantum or mystical perspective—we start to perceive the conditions beyond the physical illness and we find the freedom to transform them. Then, depending on what approach we take, we begin to recognize a deeper layer of our body, not just the surface of our body, not just the skin. Indeed, many layers of existence within the body become apparent to our senses—organs, glands, blood vessels, tissues and cells. Additionally, we become aware of the transparent qualities, the holographic qualities and meridian channels. Eventually, we become aware of the energy field and many energy centers in the body and we can experience the way they expand out to the universal energy field we call the Qi-field.

Students can achieve the optimal result through the support of qualified teachers and healers, and their own consistent dedication at the beginning stage of practice. Gradually when your mind is trained to feel yourself as a pillar of light, you will be able to transform that light, that energy, into the medicine you need to heal yourself. This is the great gift of Wisdom Healing Qigong.

How is healing of self related to the healing of our world?

Humanity is facing its greatest challenge: environmentally, sociologically and spiritually. To transform the difficulties that we now face, we must transform our inner being. One way to do that is by utilizing an ancient alchemy to change fearful, negative emotions into healthy, positive emotions. Emotional healing is the key to transforming all dimensions of energy from limiting patterns into harmonious and productive flows of energy. For example, we can transform fear into strength, worry into openness, and hatred into kindness. As we face the extraordinary challenges of today personally as well as collectively, healing our emotions is the most important transformation we can undertake.

When we encounter limiting emotions we repress the full expression of our true potential. The following steps can be taken to transform limiting emotional energy into productive and healing energy. First, stop: Stop the story associated with the negative emotion. The story that creates negative emotions is a limiting story, often self-projected based on previous emotional program and creates a limiting pattern. When the story arises, gently guide your mind away from the story. Second, feel: Feel the energy in your organs and body beyond any learned concept. Third, transform with healing sound: The more you practice the sacred sound the easier it becomes to feel and transform the emotional energy inside your organs which is the source of your emotional experience. Use ancient healing sounds to transform the emotion from a victim of the past to a creator of now.

The organs are made of physical, emotional and spiritual energy. The five organs are like five members of one family. They support each other and communicate with one another. Our emotions are the energetic experience of the five organs while the psychological emotions (such as the concept of happiness or fear) are only the mind/brain interpretation of the deeper emotional experience within the organs (emotion = energy in motion within organs). With the ancient technology of inner alchemy, we can move out of fear and hate and into gentleness and kindness. When we transform our own energy, we transform the energy field of all humanity and the earth. We are very excited to share this gift of inner alchemy at this time of great transformation!

Master Mingtong Gu is the founder of international Chi healing Center and Wisdom healing Foundation. He is offering intensive trainings at UCSD (Aug. 29-30) and Sound healing weekend at Hidden Valley Zen Center (Sept. 5-6). You will find information at

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