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The Upgrade

Q & A with Reconnective Healing’s Doug De Vito

Doug De Vito’s upcoming book and current workbook, The Upgrade: How to Improve Your Life by Healing Others (Hay House), is more than a feel-good story of giving a hand up or a hand out.

Readers learn that hard science by renowned university researchers clearly shows that a new form of Reconnective Healing that involves engaging an unseen bandwidth of energy has curative powers for both the subject and the healing practitioner. De Vito’s book shows the scientific validation for this unique skill that more than 60,000 people around the world have learned and many are practicing professionally and to simply heal those they love, while improving their own health.

Doug De Vito says he was the last person someone would expect to engage in a career employing unseen light and information to heal people. He was trained as a chemical engineer and working for some of the nation’s leading corporations and the possessor of an MBA in marketing. All very left brained, focused, practical and grounded.

But it was the opportunity to be in the forefront to teach, prove and validate the remarkable work of Reconnective Healing that captivated him and upended his projected career path. For 13 years he worked in marketing and business development for Fortune 100 companies such as Procter & Gamble, AT&T and Walt Disney.

All this changed one day when De Vito’s CEO walked into his office and closed his division. Synchronistically, the next day, Doug met Dr. Eric Pearl, international leading authority on transforming healing globally and author of the worldwide bestseller, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself.

De Vito was immediately struck by a passion and curiosity to explore Reconnective Healing. As he saw and learned to apply Reconnective Healing, he was astonished at clients’ reports of healing from chronic illness, dis-ease, depression and other physical and emotional ailments. It was not long before he jumped in wholeheartedly as both a practitioner and leader in this new emerging field of what scientist’s are calling “information medicine.”

De Vito is one is one of only three people in the world beside Dr. Pearl, designated to teach this remarkable skill to others.

Below he answers questions about Reconnective Healing and explains more about it. He will be in San Diego in April to train new Reconnective Healers and introduce his book. (See end of article for more information.)

Question: How does this Reconnective Healing work?

Doug De Vito: Reconnective Healing works with a new form of energy, light and information that is here on the planet for the first time. When the practitioner accesses that “energy,” it helps a person move into a state where tremendous healings can occur. It is as if the frequencies help to connect the other person into a state where their “dis-ease” and symptoms tend to fall away. This new frequency has been measured, documented and validated by various respected research and scientific teams around the planet, and they are stating that is quite different than anything we have had on the planet before now.

Reconnective Healing sessions are typically done “hands off”—with the practitioner normally working around someone’s body. The practitioner then feels and observes various energetic sensations in and around that person’s field, and this somehow connects the person to a healing state within himself or herself.

Often people come back from that state reporting healings that are quite dramatic, while others state that this helps them to balance on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How does it differ from the other forms of energy work like Reiki or Prana?

This new frequency has a completely different mechanism than Reiki, Prana or any energy healing modality that we have had on the planet before now. With traditional energy healing, the practitioner tries to become a conduit for energy and then send that energy out from himself or herself and into the other person

With Reconnective Healing, something very different happens. Rather than becoming a conduit that sends energy to the other person, we sense energy and receive information instead. As a result, we become a catalyst that allows the other person to directly connect themselves, to the field and higher intelligence from which they receive the healing that is most appropriate for them.

Also, research and experience with the work indicates that Reconnective Healing is simply easier to access and is stronger than those things that have been on the planet previously.

It is as if we have suddenly had our healing modalities upgraded into “broadband.”

You have said this method works on physical, mental and spiritual problems. How does it really work? Does it only happen during the Reconnective Healing session or does anyone need to keep practicing on his or her own?

Everyone can learn how to access this work when they properly come into contact with it. More then 60,000 people in 60 different countries have in fact learned how to do it and as part of that experience, they are taught how to access the frequencies for self-healing.

These practitioners are then able to help bring these frequencies into sessions for others, helping them to heal on all levels. Reconnective Healing has been shown to be helpful when on working on humans, animals plants and even the planet itself.

Healings generally happen in just one to three sessions, and sometimes the healing will occur shortly after the session concludes. With the work, you cannot predict what will happen or when a healing might occur. So we allow for up to three sessions, and then let the Universe decide what is most appropriate for that person to receive. And people are receiving. They are reporting dramatic physical healings from serious conditions such as cancers, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and incredibly life transformations as well. Meanwhile, others are suddenly having creative gifts enhanced by their interactions with the frequencies, as this seems to connect each one of us to more states of our being.

Does it works for anyone?

Everyone can learn how to access and do this work, regardless of education, background, training or belief systems. In fact, people from all over the world, from ages 4 to 94 have learned how to do this week, becoming master healers practically overnight.

That said, you cannot guarantee or predict what type of healing might occur. We cannot see what outcomes will occur. Rather, we offer the sessions and observe what results. Of course, many many people then report fantastic results after having sessions of it.

Can you explain what’s happening during a Reconnective Healing session? What do I expect to feel, to see or to do?

During a session, people may feel various sensations including—but not limited to—tingling, pulsing, vibrations, slight sensations of warmth, cooling, buzzing, etc. They may also perceive or receive information in the form of visuals (colors, shapes, images), sound, tones and other sensory input.

Any risks for my health, do I need to be in good health before experiencing Reconnection Healing?

There are no risks or contraindications with this work. This work helps people to connect to deeper and expanded levels of health and healing within themselves. It works at the level of light, which then “reminds” the body how to vibrate at healthier and happier states.

There are no risks to this work, and it does not have any limitations in how it might be able to help others.

An important aspect of this work is that you don’t need to have a disease in order for this to help you. It also helps healthy people to move into peak performance states physically and creatively. It is not just something that helps people with dramatically diagnosed conditions, but is also something that helps people to live, perform and create on expanded levels.

You do not have to be in good health to do this. However, it can probably help you move to the next level of yourself if you are healthy.

Why is Reconnective Healing emerging as a significant new form of alternative or complimentary healing at this particular moment in time?

The important thing to realize about 2011 is that the Earth is moving toward a “close up” point of alignment with the galaxy. As a result, we are beginning to receive increased information and energy as we approach that point in time. Scientists are reporting that this may be one of the reasons why we are seeing such tremendous change in our weather, geology and even our consciousness.

As we consider this big moment of change and transition, it is important to realize that we are being given a grand opportunity to heal and evolve with these new frequencies. It is as if the Universe is throwing us a lifeline in the form of this new spectrum of energy, light and information. We then choose to reach out, grab that lifeline and then use it to heal others, heal ourselves and climb up to the next level of the Universe with it.

This work is the ultimate empowerment, perfectly timed to help us now, at this moment of tremendous change.

Doug De Vito will be in San Diego for several events and be teaching a Reconnective Healing Seminar at the Crowne Plaza San Diego on April 15-17. Visit or call (323) 960-0012. More events are listed on the back cover of this issue. His coming book, The Upgrade, will be available in the fall.