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Health Bill & What’s Next


Yes the Health Bill passed. It’s a step. A step toward what depends on whom you ask. I’ve heard it called both a compassionate move and a necessary move to control the unjust extremes of a profit-based health-care system.

The Physicians for a National Health Program wanted a single-payer system and thought that without a public option, it solidified the insurance companies hold on health care—and their 30% profit margin. They weren’t pleased.

I had to wonder, too, how the candidate who ran for office promoting national health care turned into an insurance salesman. That’s what we are guaranteed: insurance.

Opponents called it Bolshevik, Communistic, Socialistic and Obama Care that took over 1/6 of the economy.

I just read an anti-health bill article that stated that right now all that was being put in place were regulations and price controls, but also stated everyone knows that will lead to a complete takeover.

Fresh from the experience of Wall Street’s meltdown, what most of us know is that unfettered capitalism—or any ism—may not fit reality 100%—especially when personal greed trumps societal needs. Nothing against The Donald, of course.

A good way to check out rumors and claims is to check Snopes. They investigate the common rumors and offer articles on them.

It’s interesting that a proposal to legalize marijuana just qualified for the ballot in California. The arguments that were presented in Reefer Madness and the claims that instant insanity was the immediate result of using it were, in retrospect, somewhat overboard.

The opposition’s strategy sounds familiar though, doesn’t it? In both cases, wouldn’t the loyal opposition—or powers that be—serve us all better by realistically studying the affects? When someone relies on any substance, isn’t it indirectly satisfying some emotional or physical need? Can’t we look and see if that is the best way to satisfy those needs?

When these anti-campaigns use fear and name calling as their main thrust, shouldn’t people begin to wonder if that’s the best they’ve got?

Reality and taking an honest look seems to come in second place when strong financial interests are involved.

Have you heard about the movement to put former President Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill? After the health-care debate I find a bigger appreciation for the philosophical influence of Nancy Reagan.

Mr. Reagan is attributed by many as the one who began loosening the restrictions on financial institutions that ultimately led to the melt down of Wall Street. Yet that just influenced one area—our economy.

Mrs. Reagan started with her slogan “Just Say No!” and applied it to pre-marital sex and contraception. After that took hold, she moved on to Drugs. Look at how that philosophy now weaves it way through the loyal opposition’s base philosophies. Nancy Reagan is the mother philosopher of the modern day loyal opposition’s approach to public policy! It even reaches to Senate appointments and Homeland Security posts.

If Mr. goes on the $50 bill, Mrs. should go on the $1000 bill. Of course it’s now devolved to just “No, No, No,” but the roots and the Mrs. ought to be fully acknowledged.

What happens next should be predictable. When the Clean Air Act passed it was universally praised. The next day the lawyers went to court to decide what it really meant. About the only thing that happens this year with health care is that children with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage.

Then again, looking at the latest news I noticed insurance companies were already saying, “Oops, wait it minute, that isn’t really so, that doesn’t mean we have to” yadda yadda, etc., etc.

I thought they recently decided corporations were persons? Doesn’t that imply being human, too? Or do they get to be chameleons and wear their people clothes only when it suits their purposes?

So how do we know what this will look like?

We know it takes a while for corrections to be made. I hope they got a lot right, but we’ll see when it happens. Shift does happen. And sometimes fertilizer happens too—and it takes a while to see what grows out of it. Unintended consequences come with the territory.

Let’s hope that the legislators who are patting themselves on the back and saying, “we did it!” remember it’s a beginning.

One thing should be clear: the power of the insurance companies —and their seemingly endless resources—ultimately come from us. We are the single-payer whether it “comes from” the government or insurance companies.

What we can also predict is that the insurance companies and medical providers that feel threatened will keep working on this.

Ultimately we can do a lot to take care of ourselves and we need to.

For people, it’s Spring. We’ll go to the beach or garden and hope this is finally handled. Wouldn’t that be a relief? It’s a beginning.

The good news is that we feel Spring. Transformation is in the air, the plants, and in our hearts. This is the time for Love and renewal. It’s an inspiring time of year. Who wants to be reading the health bill?

As many Life Connection readers know, we also have that ability to change our perspective and our focus, shifting our lives, adding hope and inspiration that can come from multiple sources, especially from within. I vote that real people with real compassion and emotions will win out.

I also know we are up against these new focused-on-the-bottom-line robots who think they are up to being persons, but they are clueless when it comes to compassion and love. What they have is that robotic focus that will work 24/7 on making sure this bill works for them—not for us/US or those who need them to give up being spoiled kids who want all the marbles.

If we don’t at least pay our dues as citizens, pay some attention and participate in what comes next, that feeling of Spring and transformation may come less and less.

That’s what makes paying attention both critical and worthwhile.

Have a great month,.