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Planetary Cycles
for April 2010

Spring Equinox quickens our souls with enthusiasm

The sun entered the cardinal, fire sign of Aries on March 20, ushering in the spring season. While the sun is in Aries until April 19, we feel the energy and have the enthusiasm to start something new. This breath of new life brings a quickening of our energy, compelling us toward our new creations. Failing to let go where needed, or holding onto the past will slow down our process. This is a time to make great leaps; whatever we have chosen to leave behind must be discarded now to make room for new, incoming experiences and creations.

The Full Moon ushers in new creations

As the month of April gets underway, we have several dynamic planetary aspects propelling us into action. After a few months of review, revision, and delay which began in late December of last year, we now have the energy to move forward with clarity and certainly into our new creations. On March 29, we had a full moon in Aries, bringing to fruition the vision birthed in our hearts earlier last month. The full moon interacts powerfully with transformational Pluto, bringing wholesale re-working of the way we show up in life. Propelled by a powerful force for change, we begin dismantling all that has outlived its usefulness, to make way for new creation.

Aries ushers in the astrological “New year”

As the sun enters Aries each year, it initiates the Spring Equinox, which is the symbolic beginning of a new year. A masculine, cardinal fire sign, Aries has enormous enthusiasm and vitality. People born with the sun, moon, or rising sign in Aries are assertive, direct, sometimes forceful and certainly impatient, but they are also natural born leaders who provide the courage and the drive for others to follow. Aries leads the way with passion, inspiration, and enthusiasm, but can lack the staying power needed to complete its ambitious new beginnings. Aries functions best by drawing others in to complete projects.

Our world undergoes of huge changes

The planet of transformation, Pluto, now in Capricorn for the first time since the American Revolution, is spurring another revolutionary time. If it isn’t already apparent, this is a new kind of revolution, one that is changing all the major institutions and systems that support our society, including health care (we just saw a big step forward with the passing of a new health care bill), education, law, politics, banking, and big business. Now a global community, it is evident to all that America’s actions and choices directly affect the entire world, as we are affected by the worlds’ choices.

New moon releases huge store of creative energy

A new moon in Aries on April 14 sets the stage for the release of an enormous amount of creative energy. Many of us have had visions spawned in the early autumn of last year that have been slowly simmering, growing more compelling over the winter months. All projects that are fueled by love and social responsibility will be empowered to get manifested this year.

Resources become available for the funding of endeavors that have a positive impact upon humanity, whether at the global, community, family, or individual level. Be prepared to stand powerfully in your truth and follow your inner guidance while implementing new plans.

The sun in Taurus helps to ground our visions

The sun enters the solid, practical, earth sign of Taurus on April 19, giving us fertile ground to begin to more fully implement the intentions of the past two weeks. However, the planet of communication, Mercury, which turned retrograde on April 17, asks us to slow down, check our progress, make corrections, or any necessary changes, and complete outstanding communications. Taurus has the responsibility of grounding and making manifest the intentions birthed while the sun was in Aries. We now build the foundation upon which our new projects will stand, bringing practical action to ensure success. On April 28, a full moon in Scorpio, opposite the sun in Taurus, expands our vision of what it may be possible to create in the coming few months.

“Best Days”

Although every day is full of opportunities, some days are more conducive to beginning or advancing our endeavors.

After a long period of review, many projects will benefit from your attention on the following dates: The best days to advance new projects are: April 12–13 and 15–16. There is only one excellent day for a brand new launch: April 15! The following days are good days in which we may expect positive outcomes with existing projects: April 2–6 and April 7 after 12 noon, PDT, April 17–18, 20 and 25–28, including the 29th up to 5pm. The rest of the days in April are best spent visioning, refining and improving, or redefining what is already in motion. One is advised to avoid initiating new projects, launch a new product, open a new business, or begin a new job from April 17 until May 11.


ARIES: Your personal perspective of yourself and the way you view the world is getting a makeover this month with a new moon appearing in your first house. Mid-month, be prepared to commence a review of how you ‘make money’ or allow money to come to you. Your chosen career path is undergoing a transformation that is being triggered by how you apply yourself in your life, both consciously and unconsciously. Some habits that no longer serve you are getting refreshed.TAURUS: You may be surprised this month as aspects of yourself that you have not considered for some time surface, giving you the opportunity to make a fresh start in how you give service to those around you. Mid-month when Mercury goes retrograde you can review and redress your entire outlook on life. You may see aspects of your life philosophy taking new form, or your willingness to pursue a higher form of education being energized as you sense new ways of expressing yourself and fulfilling your long term goals.

GEMINI: Your success in reaching your long-term goals balances on being clear in your communications at this time as you sense the urge to make a fresh start. Allow yourself to be surprised at some of the thoughts that begin to surface around the middle of the month and find the way to close certain doors behind you that are no longer interesting to you. In this time of great transformation, much is offered to you in both your domestic life and in your work in the world.

CANCER: Your career or chosen life path is being activated by fresh energies this month giving you the sensation that new chapters are opening up in your life. Mid-month, be ready to reevaluate your long-term goals and objectives as you catch up on old business that needs completion. Relationships are undergoing transformation, being catalyzed by your need to be clear in your communication and the urge to reach into new realms of understanding, perhaps through higher learning, travels or experiencing different cultures and lifestyles.

LEO: Your higher aspirations in life get activated this month as you feel a surge of energy to look more deeply into your life. Mid-month, you may well find yourself reexamining your chosen life path, tying up loose ends and bringing certain communications to completion. Old habits and the ‘normal’ ways you go about things are being catalyzed to morph into new forms as you sense new opportunities to attract and receive money.

VIRGO: This month, you will feel a surge of energy to regenerate and get something new started in your life. Mid-month, when Mercury goes retrograde, you have the opportunity to review your life philosophies and aspirations toward a greater understanding of life, to wrap up old ideas, and make space for new ones. Your self-expression and creative outlets are exposed to transformational input as you are catalyzed to redefine your outlook on life and those closest to you.

LIBRA: Love is in the air for you as you have the opportunity to find and embrace a fresh start, rekindling your romantic life. In times of great change like these, you are reviewing many of the decisions you have made in the past with an eye to catching up on old business and concluding certain chapters in your life. When a door closes on past patterns and lifestyles, a new one opens to aspects of your nature that are calling for expression, and you may well be surprised at the depths inside you that are wanting to emerge.

SCORPIO: Self-adjustment time, Scorpio, as you reinvigorate your approach to a wholesome life that is enriched by your passion for what you do and how you do it. Mid-month, give yourself the opportunity to have a review of your romantic nature and your creativity. It is always a good time to tell someone how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their love and support. Your way of communicating in the world is undergoing a transformation, catalyzed by the creative way you have of expressing yourself and the long-range goals you are holding dear but perhaps have not yet allowed to be.

SAGITTARIUS: Your creative self-expression is bubbling up in many new forms of manifestation this month as you find yourself in a more playful mood than in a long time. It’s time to clear up any long-standing communications or old business arrangements that are blocking your way forward. Whether the ‘recession is over’ or not, it is time for you to appreciate the transformation that is happening around your financial scene, triggered by a potentially tectonic shift in your chosen life path and even a change in your domestic arrangements. You love to see into the distance, so plant your feet firmly on the ground and plot a bold course!

CAPRICORN: Springtime always brings the opportunity for a cleanup and the possibility to make a fresh start as new energies rise through the earth. So many of the ways in which you express your creativity are looking for an outlet but they cannot come forth until you have caught up on old business and completed some old communications. Part of your spring cleaning can involve polishing up the window through which you view the world and your outlook on life. You will see that your abilities to communicate are enhanced as you are pushed to expand your mental and spiritual horizons.

AQUARIUS: New life begins this Spring with a deep look into your core intentions, and an assessment of how well you have been able to manifest them. Any relationship issues that surface now would do well to be addressed head on, and cleared for the greater good of all concerned. Communications flow easily and your social life is enormously full. Watch spending habits and make necessary financial changes so you will be in a strong place to manifest your creative new vision.

PISCES: After many months of careful review and planning, crucial changes in life direction can now be implemented; it will benefit you to start those new health and fitness routines. This spring, powerful planetary energies catalyze you into motion toward fulfilling long-held desires. New social circles may open to you, offering an opportunity to meet many people and be exposed to creative ideas that influence your future plans.