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What is the 2012 Shift?

Dr. Joseph Costa’s experiences in the Second World War gave cause for his studies in psychology and human behavior. He started the Institute of Thought in 1980 as a prelude to the 2012 shift. His school reflects the importance of students learning to connect to the Inner World by putting into practice an empirical method he discovered. In 2007, he founded The World Healer Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, seeking to promote a global culture of wellness and healing consciousness called Oneness. Dr. Costa was nominated for the Templeton Prize as a tribute to his contributions to affirming life’s spiritual dimensions. The World Healer Fourth Annual Conference, “Welcome All Spirituality,” will be held June 17–20 at Hilton Hotel in Mission Valley. (Details at the end.) “We are bringing together people to show the world, not only is it safe to be spiritual—mentally and physically—it is necessary, in order to pass through the 2012 shift successfully.”

There is just too much “2012” talk going on—been going on—to think it’s just talk. Human beings have psychic as well as physical feelings telling us “2012—better watch out—it’s coming!” Does it mean the first day of 2012 we can expect “all hell” to come down on us? I think not.

What is the meaning of 2012?

When we hear talk about drastic probable events from an earth planet view, we are talking universally. What gets affected universally—meaning 2012? We take 2012 to be the number or date signifying a “universal happening” this planet is involved in. It is about universal happenings—not some scary kind of local event like one earthquake.

In 2000, I reported that earth had moved into a new cycle universally and we could expect even more earth disturbances having entered fourth dimensional ranges. With that, I predicted earth disturbances would become more disturbing and more intense, all due to the Shift stage of 2012.

Since then, earthquakes, land masses, and oceans have shifted and moved to a greater degree. Tsunamis are reported in more areas including the recent ones in the Mediterranean. The English Isles report more quakes over the last year. Unusual water-ocean patterns are abnormal all over the Indian Ocean. Lava is moving up in the ocean at the southern tip of Greenland. The recent Chile quake pushed waves around the Pacific. There is suspicious evidence of the land mass under the Atlantic possibly rising (Atlantis). Science reports that the earth mass is showing a speeding up of land mass and shifts in time accordingly. Australia’s fresh water is siphoning deeper and northward through earth’s crust and in general, the 2012 Shift is changing a considerable amount of geography all over the globe. All this earth activity is a reflection of psychic energies and forces forced on Mother Earth by the karmic pressures exerted on earth’s mass by the collective consciousness of all humanity pressuring earth’s mass and its fields through time and space.

With enough harmony and balance—psychically and materially—earth can transcend. In our scientific interpretations, that can mean earth would be able to rotate enough in speed to enable a—“shift” into fourth dimensional speed.

What is The Fourth Dimension
and how does it relate to 2012?

In the past history of earth—it has failed to transcend to the fourth level several times—the last attempt being what we call the Atlantis experience. Approximately every twenty-seven thousand more or less years, earth cycles into a natural universal rhythm that requires earth to be fairly psychically stable to execute through a shift. There have been other failures—Lemuria—Mu, etc. In each case, the karmic densities pervading—surrounding earth created “drag” or interference of earth being able to transcend to the fourth dimension. This so-called “drag” is self-destructive karma permeating the earth causing earth instabilities, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

After this “Shift” point of 2012, we shall slowly merge for ten to thirty years of evolving to full fourth dimensional status. Earth will move on then toward the fifth dimension. What is important is the human body adjustments to psychic and material body evolving stages. For all that—can we guess from what’s happening now—what we might expect or experience? What can we expect from what we see? What of the human body and Mind?

My teachings are based on learning gleaned from master teachers of our two worlds, Inner and Outer. My effort in attempting to aid earth in its journey is to reveal as much information as we can to diminish the densities of karma on and in Planet Earth. Through psychic connections and personal experiences, the following are events and things I have been involved in, in relationship to the Shift. All are within the intent of bringing the human experiment into its Oneness content.

The Natural World and its Karma

Before the human being was on the planet, the collective consciousness operated in the way of a reservoir for thinking for all creatures of the earth that was free of human thinking. Think of the planet devoid of human beings. Before human beings came on the planet, all the creatures on the planet that did any kind of what we call thinking, used the collective consciousness psychic fields for their thinking. As a psychic field and essence, it permeated the planet and belongs to the planet—and has been used for the thinking of natural beings. It is the field where thinking goes. That field before man became involved monitored itself. That monitoring of itself is what we call karma. It is method a of self-cleaning of the planet on its consciousness that keeps the planet balanced physically and psychically. Karma’s objective is to keep the world energies in harmony.

Karma and the Human Experience

When I was hunting as a big game guide in Alaska, the hunters chose to hunt with me because they knew I knew where the animals would be—not because of instinct—but because I had an acute sense of knowing. The animal level depends on smell, sight, and sound. The human depends on the sense of habits—they know where the animal lives because of the animal’s habits. People who are mystical know and go psychically to where the animal is—or has a knowing when an animal reaches a certain place. The first two—instinct and habit—are physical adaptations. The highest one—mysticism—is nonphysical. Karma is on a nonphysical level and is tied to the collective consciousness. The 2012 Shift is the physical action and reaction of human thinking using the nonphysical phenomena (karma) that acts out physically.

As individuals, we blame society and governments for what appears as self-destructive wars and failing economics. In the long run, the entire earth and its inhabitants are experiencing the effects of old deeds, thoughts (words) or selfish karmic debts of all societies. Our words have meaning and the meaning connects to the collective consciousness, which in effect measures the content and quality of their meaning thru karma. The world uses karma as a way of determining whether the words are destructive or nondestructive and periodically the earth renders the collective consciousness to eliminate energies that are creating imbalance on the planet.

How do I understand karma?

In order to understand karma you have to think of the earth in the context of being like a living creature whose essence psychically pervades the whole being of the planet. This means that what we are referring to as pervading the planet is actually the make and body of all thinking and thought forms which constitute the world’s collective thinking.

This thinking has what we consider a quality of negative and positive energies that have become totally unbalanced as they surround the planet, i.e., the collective consciousness.

Where is our karma now in relation to 2012?

We are currently cycling through the universe in a collective consciousness that is self-destructive in its totality and functions within the natural karmic formula that periodically readjusts itself, to diminish and cleanse self-destructiveness. The planet depends on karma to alter the collective thinking from a self-destructive functioning into a harmonious balanced essence.

During the 2012 Shift, the karmic principle dissolves those energies and human thinking that are creating disharmony in the planet by creating shifts in all the forces of the planet, earth, water, air, and fire (earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, volcanoes, storms, etc.).

How does the 2012 Shift affect my health?

If the public at large is kept uninformed of Earth’s evolving and the body adjusting both physically and psychically (spiritually)—there could be great physical disaster for millions. An example presently on earth, the average human being across the globe or planet is now threatened with adjusting to the earth changing giving cause to manifesting what we call “Swine Flu.” Unfortunately, in our civic failure to consider that Earth is evolving into a different range of energies dimensionally, we—all of Earth—are unwittingly creating a probable major disaster.

At this stage, people are being labeled as “having Swine Flu” simply because of an apparent increase of phlegm and congestion building in the upper part of the body, especially the head and chest areas. This psychic karmic action affects the person that is suffering congestion in the head, in a way that increases fear in the thinking. This “fear” automatically depresses the psyche and causes a “shut down” of the autonomic immune system of the body. The result is more mucus generated and fear of the illness increases—further shutting down the immune system.

This condition continues automatically depressing the person, who increases their fear and at some point the body cannot overcome the buildup of congestion, causing premature death of the body. Some antibiotics (medicine) can and do overcome the automatic actions of the body to shut down. This depends on the “constitution” of the person’s psyche to overcome depression.

The ability to overcome the depression and congestion that can cause death is natural, karmic, and automatic. It functions in direct relation to the ability to let go mentally of depressing thoughts. Letting go of depressing thoughts requires changing the thinking environment or conditions. It helps to change conditions and situations that contribute to depression—whatever that takes.

Medication can relieve depression to a point. Changing life’s conditions or circumstances also can relieve depression and clear up congestion in the head and body. Changing one’s economics can clear up congestion—and today’s economics is a major factor in the psyche condition of the average citizen. If one feels that they have failed or cannot remedy their economic status, they are subject to the “flu” condition in the head and upper body. This all compounds the inability to naturally overcome “flu” signs.

All of the above on “flu” ailment means nothing if the natural cell changing process in the human body is ignored in relation to the Shift, as it being the probable cause.

What about stress?

People experience stress because the karmic collective consciousness feeds the thoughts to them. You deal with it by consciously rejecting stress thinking and substitute new joyful thinking. The Shift is the process of karma forcing the human consciousness to face the need to chose its thinking more carefully.

What do we do?

We need think in ways of “we “ understanding—the way to be free and joyful in living a balanced way of thought and thinking. This means we—the human—face the need daily to think and act out on thought in ways of Oneness and joy.

What is Oneness and how does this affect me personally?

You have to take into consideration the fact that although personally means you individually—you cannot separate yourself from your “being” of the collective. For this reason, when karma all over the globe reacts in its “change sense” to cleanse itself of what you call “personal karma’—the whole world—and all is people are affected.

If the natural thinking is for a country to go to war, we are going to destroy ourselves. If we have leadership whose purpose is not to have war—but harmony, friendship and health for everyone, that will change the karmic environment and we—the people—will live healthfully in the new environment created by the new thinking. This is how karma works.

The content of the collective consciousness of the old way of this community we are using as an example, creates destruction, and harm. Using collective “new karma” thinking, the collective consciousness changes the energies into a more harmonious, helpful, responsible, and productive essence, resulting in a new happy joyous way of living.

People can apply this from the personal point of view and the collective point of view. The world collective karma laws respond to the thinking whether it’s harmful or helpful. More helpful thinking will aid the karma to balance the collective thinking—and if enough people do that in the world, the whole planet collective consciousness will reflect a healthy happy planet.

Where do we go from here?

It is my position that the Inner and Outer of the human being comes from the same source. The truth about the spiritual ape-man is that he—she—is initially the expression of goodness, wonderment, love, and Oneness. It was intended for the human being to have a life of Oneness and joy and what we have today is an intellectual distortion of all the attempts of societies to create harmony.

I founded the Institute of Thought in 1980 to teach people how to use their own guidance to gain insights and notice small differences. Success comes to us by noticing something unusual, a whisper, or even a dream. By learning to interpret these insights, one can learn to apply new thinking and looking at the essence of karma. As the founder and CEO of the World Healer Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization seeking to promote a global culture of wellness and healing, we are bringing together people from all aspects of spirituality to share their experiences and learn more about themselves by sharing with others the many aspects of what is called spiritual.

Dr. Costa has been nominated for the Templeton Prize that honors a living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimensions. For more information, write or contact the World Healer Institute, 9820 Willow Creek Rd. #270, San Diego, CA 92131, at (858) 467-6974 or For conference information contact the World Healer Institute, , 9820 Willow Creek Rd. #270, San Diego, CA 92131 (858) 467-6974.